ME TO STUDENT (practicing for a defense):”I love you, but I’m going to grill you!” STUDENT’S RESPONSE: “I’ll be the cheese!” – Notes to grad students preparing to defend proposals

Dear Graduate Students, That time is coming when you will have to defend your dissertation proposal to your committee, and they will decide if you are ready to move to the next step… Continue reading

Re-post from, “Notes from Xalapa” – Reflections from Mexico

Earlier in the month, I had an opportunity to give a plenary talk for the IEEE Summer School on Women in Technology – Veracruz, Mexico. I spoke about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals,… Continue reading

Video: Discussing University System of Maryland’s diversity pipeline programs as part of perspectives on institutional change #ThinkBigDiversity

This past academic year, I had the chance to join University System of Maryland colleague Associate Vice Chancellor Dr. Nancy Shapiro in a discussion about institutional change. The University of Buffalo’s Women in STEM… Continue reading

I’m not a Jedi in Real-life, but I play one @UMBC – “Jedi PyroNet: #YouWillGetaPhD” #SpeakLife #FutureCon #AwesomeCon

“Jedi Master PyroNet” – That’s what my husband called me … a mashup of Star Wars and a comic book character who helps people to realize their dreams, become change agents, and proverbially… Continue reading

The Career-Life “Balance” Result – Thanks Sloan Foundation!

It was a Sunday afternoon in New York … I was in town for a board meeting for the Sloan Foundation’s Mentoring Network, and I decided to go for a walk. As I… Continue reading

United Nations Remarks – 21 March 2018 – “Empowering Rural Women in Engineering Fields.” – Invited by UNESCO

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to give remarks at the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women CSW 2018 Side Event, “Empowering Rural Women in Engineering Fields” as part of the 62nd… Continue reading

Now that you know about @UMBC via #MarchMadness, come to our school! We have excellent graduate programs!

I have been working at UMBC for many years, and throughout that time, people have known about our research, excellent STEM programs, chess championships and more. Now, the nation is learning more about… Continue reading

The #HU7 – 7 engineering students, 7 PhDs. Here’s where we are now. #ThinkBigDiversity #BLACKandSTEM

We were teenagers from various areas of the country, e.g., Chicago, North Carolina, Chicago, New Jersey, Ohio, and we met at Howard University — excited to study engineering. We studied together, had fun… Continue reading

Ended 2017 with meetings in Peru

At the end of 2017, I had the opportunity to visit colleagues in Peru in preparation for our 2018 Latin and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI) conference. In 2018, I will again… Continue reading

It’s our anniversary! 10 things that we have learned from 25 years of marriage

Today, my husband and I celebrate 25 years of marriage! We got married on Dec. 26 because we were in school at the time, and it was the only time when we had… Continue reading

Women in Engineering, STEM Sisters (and Brothers) Around the World, Unite! #ThinkBigDiversity

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, so it is ironic (or rather a blessing) that women from around the world have encouraged me and my work over breakfast.  Today, I reflect… Continue reading

Discussions in Malaysia: UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Engineering’s Grand Challenges.

Yesterday, I had a chance to join colleague and friend Christina White for a discussion on the intersections between the global grand challenges (National Academy of Engineering) and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development… Continue reading

In Malaysia to speak at World Engineering Education Forum WEEF – #ThinkBigDiversity Nov. 2017!

I’ve just arrived in Malaysia after spending the night in Shanghai to prepare to join my colleagues to lead a special session on the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges and the United… Continue reading

Mentoring women in STEM: “My mentees provide me with a regenerating sense of humility.” #ThinkBigDiversity

As I give talks about mentoring and equity in STEM, I am reminded of a comment that I made a few weeks ago during a moderated panel at the National Press Club. I… Continue reading

Equity in STEM talks in Utah, Minnesota, Georgia, and Arizona, … & breathing #ThinkBigDiversity

The past few weeks have been an adventure, but it has been wonderful to be able to give talks on STEM diversity, inclusion, and mentoring for SACNAS 2017 (GEM GRAD Lab) in Salt Lake… Continue reading

Unidos por Puerto Rico – United for Puerto Rico, all can help #PuertoRico

I still don’t know how many of my friends are doing in Puerto Rico. Being separated from general social media here in China has me continuing to wonder if they are ok. My… Continue reading

Today in China with UNESCO, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Tsinghua University

When I first received an invitation to come to China to be part of a UNESCO team for an engineering report, I thought, “Wow, what a tremendous honor.” As the days have gone… Continue reading

Social Media Hiatus While in Beijing, China

Settling into a new country is always interesting, and coming to Beijing for the first time is an exciting experience. I am here with a team from UNESCO and leaders of engineering organizations… Continue reading

Thanks to the National GEM Consortium for the opportunity to guest tweet at the national gala in NYC

Tonight I had the opportunity to guest tweet for the National GEM Consortium’s Leadership Awards Gala in NYC. The night was filled with great stories of GEM Fellows who have achieved excellence in… Continue reading

Reflections as a new VP for Initiatives for the Latin & Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions. #ThinkBigDiversity

Last week, I had the honor of leading an Organization of American States’ session on “Women in STEM” at an international conference, and giving a bilingual presentation to an assembly of delegates from… Continue reading

Sharing at MIT: #ThinkBigDiversity and Social Media Professionalism

I’m taking an opportunity to thank colleagues at MIT for inviting me to speak to MSRP  (MIT Summer Research Program) students for the 11th year in a row. Over the years, I have… Continue reading

An invitation to get up and write! Saturday morning, coffee, and breakfast.

Next week, our PROMISE AGEP and UMBC Graduate School will have its annual summer Dissertation House session. My colleagues Wendy Carter-Veale, Janet Rutledge, and I founded The Dissertation House to serve and coach… Continue reading

Increasing Engineering Identity Among Diverse Students through Global Engagement. Thanks @IFEESTweets

Thank you to the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) for inviting me to be a speaker for this morning’s webinar on Global Engagement in Diversity. Our leaders and panelists were Dr.… Continue reading

My Daddy Taught Me Calculus. #ThinkBigDiversity #BLACKandSTEM

As Father’s Day approaches, and I reflect on a talk that I gave on Tuesday in Denver on publicly acknowledging the role of family and community support on the STEM journey, I honor… Continue reading

Effective Mentoring. Remarks from my talk at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. #ThinkBigDiversity

On May 5, 2017, I had the opportunity to provide remarks on effective mentoring for the Fellowship Roundtable at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. By request of the organizers, I… Continue reading

UMBC’s Story on my remarks at the UN

“I am a proud engineer, and I appreciate UMBC for providing the foundational support for me to be recognized as one of the rising global leaders who is given a voice and space… Continue reading

A More Worldly Graduate: How to Engage Your Students Globally. Excerpts from #ABET17. #ThinkBigDiversity

In April, I had the opportunity to give a talk at the ABET Symposium titled, “A More Worldly Graduate: How to Engage Your Students Globally.” During that talk, I discussed ways to provide… Continue reading

Spoke at the United Nations on Women in Engineering

Today I had the honor of speaking at the United Nations for a session on women in engineering and empowerment for a UNESCO-sponsored side event of the Committee on the Status of Women.… Continue reading

#NeverthelessShePersisted – Standing up to read. Ode to #LetLizSpeak & Coretta Scott King

When a confirmation hearing takes a sudden turn and gives us historical pause, we need to stop, listen, think, reflect, and determine how to move forward. For this post, I will use the… Continue reading

Overcoming “scholar fear” – Memories of “Linear Predictive Synthesis” in San Diego #ThinkBigDiversity

I’m in San Diego, California, and after my meetings ended, I had a chance to leave the building and get some fresh air at the mall in Horton Plaza, the local open air,… Continue reading

President Obama’s Academic CV (by @stevekolowich) & Thoughts for My Students #ThinkBigDiversity

Steve Kolowich from The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote an interesting story yesterday titled, Prof. Barack Obama Needs a New Job, So We Sent Around His Academic Résumé . I found it interesting because I… Continue reading

It has been an honor to participate in President Obama’s STEM initiatives #ThinkBigDiversity

Being at the White House and contributing to President Obama’s initiatives in STEM such as the “My Brother’s Keeper STEM+” and STEM Inclusion Conference in 2016 have been among the highlights of my… Continue reading

Listed in the 200. (List of 200 Women of Color on Twitter –

It was a pleasure to have as a New Year’s gift the surprise of being included in the list of 200 for’s “A List of 200 Women of Color on Twitter.”  It’s… Continue reading

A Voice for the Voiceless: Science, Social Justice, and Advocacy #ThinkBigDiversity

I’ve just returned from Korea and have stepped into an America that has masks removed. As an advocate for diversity and inclusion though both personal and professional work, I need to address some… Continue reading

In Korea, appreciating champions of diversity & inclusion.

As we continue to do our work here in Korea on what is now Nov. 9 here in Seoul, I want to thank the Airbus Group for their investment in diversity. Thank you… Continue reading

Inclusive Engagement – Engineering for All. Slides from Korea. #ThinkBigDiversity #WEEF2016

This morning in Seoul, Korea, I chaired the “Inclusive Engagement – Engineering for All” Special Session for the 2016 World Engineering Education Forum & Global Engineering Deans Council. The “Challenge Questions” are here,… Continue reading

In Seoul, Korea, speaking about diversity & inclusion in engineering. #ThinkBigDiversity #WEEF2016

This morning in Seoul, I had the honor of participating on an invited inter-generational panel to discuss “The role of engineering education in the quest for smart societies.” I discussed the importance of… Continue reading

Thank you ABET for the 2016 Claire L. Felbinger Award for Diversity

I posted the following to my social media pages last night: Thank you ABET for the 2016 Claire L. Felbinger Award for Diversity. Thank you to all of the staff, students, faculty, and… Continue reading

Joy: Being with my students at The White House for a STEM Conference

It was a pleasure to be with participants from PROMISE at the White House. This was Day 2 at the White House. The event was The White House Conference on Inclusive STEM Education… Continue reading

Celebrating the Computing Reseach Association article, Expanding the Pipeline

As I share my article in Computing Research News, Expanding the Pipeline: PROMISE Brings a New Phase of #ThinkBigDiversity to Maryland Grad Students, I also celebrate our PROMISE alums and mentees. Representing mentees in… Continue reading

Still surviving a”STEM” sexual assault

There it was, another sign that I hadn’t gotten over it.  Last week, a colleague sent me an article via Facebook titled, CNN Sexual harassment in STEM: ‘It’s tragic for society’, and I could barely respond.  He… Continue reading

When you run out of words to express the sadness … you say what you can, rise, act, and uplift #BlackLivesMatter

This is one of those days when I have limited words, and the only feelings that I have to express the knowledge of more unarmed men being killed were these that I posted… Continue reading

Celebrating #UMBC50 with @UMBC

Born during of the civil rights movement, the University of Maryland Baltimore County celebrated its 50th birthday this weekend, and its Founders Day this afternoon. I’ve worked at several universities in various capacities:… Continue reading

Thank you ABET for the 2016 Claire Felbinger Award for Diversity @ABETaccredit #ThinkBigDiversity

It is an honor and a privilege to be named the 2016 winner of the Claire Felbinger Award for Diversity from ABET. Thank you to all who nominated me, and thank you for… Continue reading

Our article about student support: Desde la Licenciatura, hasta el Doctorado: Los sistemas de apoyos para estudiantes de posgrado en Instituciones fuera de su país y lejos de casa #ThinkBigDiversity

I’ll miss seeing my students in Puerto Rico at their research conference next month because the Ana G. Méndez University System (AGMUS) Research Symposium conflicts with some of our events in Maryland. However, as… Continue reading

In honor of both the mentees and the mentors #ThinkBigDiversity

Today, my social media pages woke up to a beautiful feature by Vanguard STEM, an organization dedicated to promoting and applauding women in STEM. I am honored to be among their honorees! Story:… Continue reading

Our Dissertation House Paper – Published in CBE Life Sciences Education

My co-authors and I are thrilled that our paper on the Dissertation House has finally been published! After 10 years of optimizing the program and gathering data, we have a full, published paper… Continue reading

Costa Rica #LACCEI w/Maryland Group #ThinkBigDiversity

This past week, our contingent from the University System of Maryland participated in international meetings that were part of the Latin and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions in Costa Rica. Our full agenda… Continue reading

The talk @UMBC, “Why Your Life Matters: Reflections from a STEM Perspective”

In the wake of #BlackLivesMatter issues, deaths of unarmed Black men, confusion, and hurt, I called my talk at UMBC “Why Your Life Matters: Reflections from a STEM Perspective.” The talk was given… Continue reading

Dark Matters: Metaphorical Black Holes & STEM Diversity – Paper Published

My husband, Dr. Damon Tull, and I  are pleased to announce that our paper with co-authors Shawnisha Hester and physicist Dr. Anthony Johnson, Dark Matters: Metaphorical Black Holes that Affect Ethnic Underrepresentation in Engineering,… Continue reading

Taiwan Discussion: Humans over humanoids, The Jessica Effect, & Women in STEM @AAAS

When I went to Taiwan for the Pacific Sciences Congress, I was able to share “The Jessica Effect” as part of a session that was sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement… Continue reading

#WomenInSTEM Social Media List, in the 35. #VanguardSTEM #ThinkBigDiversity @SciChicNews #BlackAndSTEM

Thank you to Sci Chic/ for naming me as one of the 35 “Women STEM on Social Media Stars,” (as of July 1, 2016), and thank you to Dr. Jenna Carpenter, President of… Continue reading

Global Eng. Deans Council @GEDCouncil/@Airbus Diversity Award Deadline Extended to Sept. 5, 2016

DEADLINE EXTENDED to 5 Sept. 2016! Dear Friends,  We are just returning from the 123rd Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Education in New Orleans, and the information below was sent… Continue reading

Bringing “The Jessica Effect” & #WomenInSTEM discussions to La Paz, Bolivia

I’m heading to Bolivia this fall, and I thank ETN Workshops for their invitation to talk about women in STEM, and women in Latin America. It will be my pleasure to present “The… Continue reading

While in Japan, Recapping Vanderbilt’s Panel on Diversity in STEM

While waiting for a flight to leave Japan and go to Taiwan, I wanted to recap some of my comments from the “Multi-disciplinary Panel Discussion on Diversity in STEM,” held at Vanderbilt University,… Continue reading

PROMISE AGEP Listed! @WhiteHouse “My Brother’s Keeper STEM+” track #ThinkBigDiversity @NSF

Originally posted on PROMISE: Maryland's AGEP:
The White House has listed the National Science Foundation’s PROMISE AGEP for Maryland, along with the University System of Maryland’s Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation…

Discussed “The Jessica Effect” in Mexico, #GS8 #ThinkBigDiversity

During the Gender Summit in Mexico, GS8, the audience was continually reminded to remember to consider women and their full lives. It was perhaps fitting that my talk on “The Jessica Effect” was one… Continue reading

Zumba, birthday, and career-life balance

I have been out of town and was able to arrive home in time to get to a late night zumba class. My gym made me feel good by welcoming me back and… Continue reading

Presenting Grad Student Retention Strategies 2/27/16 #Interventions16 #ThinkBigDiversity

Our team will have two presentations at the Understanding Interventions Conference in Philadelphia this weekend. Please join us! Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Market Street Saturday, February 27, 2016 1. Models for multi-institutional alliances:… Continue reading

Calling Emerging Scholars – Women of Color in STEM – to a conference (Travel $$) #ThinkBigDiversity @UDAdvance

Dear Emerging Scholars, My colleague, Dr. Autumn Reed, and I are presenting a session at the “Women of Color in the Academy: What’s Next?” conference in Delaware, April 29 – May 1, 2016, sponsored… Continue reading

Songs & Spirituals complete the journey. Featuring Dr. @AlexisInc w/ @Dr_TalithiaW #ThinkBigDiversity

The scene is the “after-discussion” that followed the 2016 PROMISE Research Symposium. We were a group of women – black and hispanic, part of the STEM enterprise. Among us were tiers of mentors… Continue reading

College of Engineering, Pune, India – Sharing Diversity @GEDCouncil #ThinkBigDiversity @Airbus

I had a wonderful time in India, and am now in Costa Rica. It is a pleasure to be able to share discussions of diversity in engineering and other STEM fields around the… Continue reading

In India … in saree

On this day when we celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday and legacy in the United States, I reflect on the blessing that I have to discuss diversity around the world. In discussing diversity… Continue reading

Say good-bye to self-doubt. Hello World. Hello Mission-focused action! #ThinkBigDiversity

We’re in a new year. 2016. As my pastor said in his January message, it is a new day, and you are blessed with grace-filled moments. In 2015 and even in parts of… Continue reading

Back from Australia. Today: White House work on STEM initiatives

Many thanks to all who continue to support my STEM equity and access efforts, and thanks to all who continue to invite me to participate in important conversations about STEM diversity. Following the… Continue reading