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Tribute to a “Brother Mentor” — LaMont Toliver, Director of UMBC’s Meyerhoff Program

Although death is a part of life, it’s still hard to believe that my friend,  LaMont Toliver is not with us on earth anymore. As the Director of  UMBC’s Meyerhoff Scholars program, and… Continue reading

I’m part of a “Grad School Admissions & Retention” Revolution. I’m “on tour!”

This “Travel” season is unlike any other! I’ve been blessed to be invited to speak at a number of schools and conferences about graduate school admissions and retention, and this year, I’m a… Continue reading

Heartfelt Message & 10 tips for Students — From a Mentor

Dear Students, I write this because I genuinely feel love for you; and when you’re hurt, I’m sad. I am asking, begging, imploring you to follow the advice of professors and mentors who… Continue reading

Don’t try, just do it!

These words, “Don’t try, just do it,” were spoken by my pastor (Bishop Clifford M. Johnson, Jr., http://www.mountpleasant.org/pastor/index.htm) during his morning sermon yesterday.  It was the first Sunday of the new year and… Continue reading

California Dreaming – Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

This post is a mirror from http://renettatull.blogspot.com/, posted Tuesday, Aug. 4. It is also mirrored on my Facebook notes.  Additional comments are posted there. ————————————— I am currently in California, attending meetings in… Continue reading

Holy Ambition (Your Purpose)

A few weeks ago I gave a talk to the McNairs and the title of the talk was “Your Purpose: Next Steps.” The title was partially inspired by The Purpose Driven Life, but… Continue reading