Zumba, birthday, and career-life balance

I have been out of town and was able to arrive home in time to get to a late night zumba class. My gym made me feel good by welcoming me back and joking about my love of zumba, then encouraging me to put “training for zumba instructor” on my bucket list. This kind of statement perfectly demonstrates the theory that you will try something and be convinced that you can do it if someone else whom you admire with that skill encourages you to go for it  (For my students and colleagues, yes, I’m making a STEM identity sub-reference.) In any case, I felt good that I was able to get a workout in, and, well, who knows about the zumba instructor thing in the future. #BucketList.



In the meanwhile, here is a photo from my zumba birthday, the mix CD that my instructor made for me, and my cake from the gym.



Carrot cake … healthy, right?




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