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Confessions of a tech addict & proof that I’m not soldered to my computer/phone/tab. Incan Ruins of Ingapirca & Hiking in the Andes Mountains. #Ecuador

There have been days (and nights) that I’ve been glued to the computer. Getting hundreds of emails a day, and having an overflowing inbox only adds to the issue. I didn’t think that… Continue reading

Appreciation for Artisans of Ecuador

While I love my line of work and want to get as many people as possible into STEM fields, I have a strong appreciation for the artisans who are masters of their crafts… Continue reading

From PR, to Colombia, to the International Gender Summit, to Cuenca Ecuador

I’ve recently had opportunities to speak in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, and participate in the 2013 International Gender Summit. I’ve been talking about preparation for STEM Careers, and more recently, I’ve  had unique… Continue reading