President Obama’s Academic CV (by @stevekolowich) & Thoughts for My Students #ThinkBigDiversity

Steve Kolowich from The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote an interesting story yesterday titled, Prof. Barack Obama Needs a New Job, So We Sent Around His Academic Résumé . I found it interesting because I regularly review CVs for my students and postdocs who are seeking faculty positions. This article (please read it in the link above), discusses President Barack Obama’s academic background, experience, and potential for a faculty position. While we know that several schools would love to have a former president on their faculty, the debate about President Obama’s credentials is interesting, and provides a revealing (though sometimes tongue-in-cheek) view of discussions that occur among members of faculty selection committees.

As my students are developing their own CVs, I ask them to take a look at President Obama’s CV (Kolowich, 2017) and think about their own career trajectories. My colleagues Dr. Judith Pollack and Dr. Autumn Reed at UMBC and I have given joint workshops for graduate students and postdocs on “aspirational CVs” and “developing future career paths,” so this CV should inspire our students. I hope that reading this CV will propel them into action, provide new energy, and strengthen their resolve to complete the important tasks at hand.  In addition, I know that some of my students, past and present, have been thinking about becoming more politically active. Indeed, during our PROMISE AGEP Summer Success Institutes (SSI) and professional development workshops, we have hosted scholar activists in the past to show that scholarship and activism do not have to be mutually exclusive, one can do both, and be effective. After all, it is still all about service … service to the students, service to the profession, service to the community.

The first page of the CV is here: 


Here is a snapshot of the publications: 


Are you feeling inspired yet? Read President Obama’s CV in its entirety and then decide for yourself. What are you going do?


Kolowich. S. (2017, January 20). Prof. Barack Obama Needs a New Job, So We Sent Around His Academic Résumé. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from


Update, 1/22/17:


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