Bringing “The Jessica Effect” & #WomenInSTEM discussions to La Paz, Bolivia

I’m heading to Bolivia this fall, and I thank ETN Workshops for their invitation to talk about women in STEM, and women in Latin America. It will be my pleasure to present “The Jessica Effect” in La Paz in September 2016, to bring attention to the need to consider and respect full family structures as we invite, engage, and support women in STEM. The Jessica Effect honors the life of Jessica Soto Pérez of Puerto Rico. The discussions move forward with the blessing of Jessica’s parents, Antonio Israel Soto and Luz N. Pérez. We hope that Jessica’s story of excellence in engineering, and that her short life will inspire other young women to pursue science and engineering, and that her story will inspire entire families of fathers, mothers, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. to embrace their loved one in science. Further, we hope that others can utilize some of the mentoring and support structures that have been put in place by UMBC, and schools that participate in  the University System of Maryland’s PROMISE AGEP program.

ETN Bolivia 2016

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ETN Workshop 2016 2

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Remembering Jessica


Jessica Soto Pérez

Jessica Soto Pérez

Jessica Soto Pérez

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