An invitation to get up and write! Saturday morning, coffee, and breakfast.

Next week, our PROMISE AGEP and UMBC Graduate School will have its annual summer Dissertation House session. My colleagues Wendy Carter-Veale, Janet Rutledge, and I founded The Dissertation House to serve and coach students through the process of finishing that doctoral dissertation. One of the biggest obstacles that we hear is finding time and motivation to write. Those who have heard me speak about this topic in the past know that I always tell the story of the coffee shop. When I was in graduate school, I needed motivation to “think-write” — a place to start the flow of ideas. That place was my local coffee shop.

Computer Saturday morning Coffee

I conducted experiments in the lab, and used home for the times when I was in “non-stop” mode, but for ideas to flow, I need fun places to write. That place for me is the coffee shop. It’s comfortable, there’s food, music, and … coffee! What more do you need? For me, the act of writing has to entertain me, so going to the coffee shop and literally “going out” to write is a celebration. To this day, I go to the coffee shop to write papers, proposals, reports, etc., and you know what? They “get done!” So don’t delay, don’t lament … get up and write! I’m there with you … writing and having coffee. Will you join me for a cup?


Anyone can join the Dissertation House summer blog … come on over!

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