Sharing at MIT: #ThinkBigDiversity and Social Media Professionalism

I’m taking an opportunity to thank colleagues at MIT for inviting me to speak to MSRP  (MIT Summer Research Program) students for the 11th year in a row. Over the years, I have had the wonderful and unique privilege to have colleagues among the faculty and administration.

As you are developing your professional online reputation, I recommend that all scholars do the following five things:

  1. Have a professional website, e.g., WIX,
  2. Engage with your professional community (disciplinary societies, other scientists, etc.) via social media. (I recommend Twitter; I’m @Renetta_Tull)
  3. Be sure to follow members of your lab, group, department, university. Retweet current, future, and aspirational colleagues as appropriate. Do the same for peers.
  4. Post content that is relevant to your discipline.
  5. Have a LinkedIn profile — update and maintain every 4-6 months.


Here are a few highlights from the invited talk for MSRP, and the informal visit afterward at the  MIT Media Lab.



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