Our article about student support: Desde la Licenciatura, hasta el Doctorado: Los sistemas de apoyos para estudiantes de posgrado en Instituciones fuera de su país y lejos de casa #ThinkBigDiversity

I’ll miss seeing my students in Puerto Rico at their research conference next month because the Ana G. Méndez University System (AGMUS) Research Symposium conflicts with some of our events in Maryland. However, as people have been asking me about resources that can be shared with students in both English and Spanish, I remembered one of the articles that I wrote with two of my former graduate assistants: Dr. María Nandadevi Cortés Rodríguez (now a Postdoctoral Diversity Fellow in Biology at Ithaca College, recently completed a fellowship at the Smithsonian Zoo), and Miguel Nino (Instructional Designer at Va Tech.) I wrote the abstract for this article in Spanish while I was in Puerto Rico a few years ago, between giving sessions for a bilingual writing workshop for faculty that was modeled after the PROMISE Dissertation House (group below, in San Juan.)

Writing for Publication


The article, Desde la Licenciatura, hasta el Doctorado: Los sistemas de apoyos para estudiantes de posgrado en Instituciones fuera de su país y lejos de casa, discusses the way that the PROMISE program attempts to develop systems of support for graduate students when they come to Maryland after leaving home. For this article, we particularly focused on our students who were coming from Latin America where both the physical climate and the people are warm.

The article was published last year in Revista Cruce, through Universidad Metropolitana in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This magazine has online editions, and a few select print editions. Our article was in v. 3 here:

Revista cruce-print-cover-v3-2015

The full article can be accessed on ResearchGate:

The citation is here: 

Cortes-Rodriguez, M., Nino, M. A., & Tull, R. G. (2015). Desde la Licenciatura Hasta el Doctorado: Los Sistemas de Apoyos Para Estudiantes de Posgrado en Instituciones Fuera de Su País y Lejos de Casa. Revista Cruce, V.3.

In general, the article discusses ways that pursuit of the advanced degree may include solitude and isolation which can affect retention. Adaptations to climates that are not as “warm” as one’s home environment can also lead to difficulties. There was a short paragraph in El Nuevo Dia here last year (paragraph 9):


Students who are looking for bilingual resources can also see our resource: Preparing for Engineering and Other STEM Graduate/Post-Graduate Masters and Doctoral Programs with the supplemental resource: Preparación para Programas de Maestría y Doctorado that can be downloaded from the same page.


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