Equity in STEM talks in Utah, Minnesota, Georgia, and Arizona, … & breathing #ThinkBigDiversity

The past few weeks have been an adventure, but it has been wonderful to be able to give talks on STEM diversity, inclusion, and mentoring for SACNAS 2017 (GEM GRAD Lab) in Salt Lake City, NOBCChE  2017 (GEM GRAD Lab) in Minneapolis, SREB’s 2017 Compact for Faculty Diversity/Institute for Teaching and Mentoring in Atlanta, two conferences in Arizona —  the 20th International Colloquium on Engineering Education in Flagstaff, and ABRCMS 2017 in Phoenix.

The photo here represents a moment of “career life balance” when my friend, Lara Fritts, picked me up from the airport in Salt Lake City and said ok, “We are going to the mountains to breathe.”

Renetta in Salt Lake City 2017

She took this picture, and I savor it as a reminder of how wonderful it is to have friends who know what you need, at the right moment. If she hadn’t picked me up from the airport, I would have gone straight to my room, and straight to the computer to work. I didn’t lose anything by taking a few hours out. I learned a lot about Utah (and appreciate it more), I had a chance to catch up with a friend (and appreciate her more), and I probably contributed to parts of my health by getting some good mountain air!

Over the last month, I had a chance to talk, share, and learn. The stories are told best by some of these tweets.

ABRCMS – Phoenix, 2017



Damon gave a great talk on artificial intelligence at this conference! I have really enjoyed being at conferences with him, where we are both on speakers! (See his Twitter feed @STEMBlackHoles)




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