Global diversity missions yield admiration! @GEDCouncil @Airbus #DiversityAward2015 #GEDC2015 #ThinkBigDiversity @UMBC

It has been an honor to represent the US as a finalist for the GEDC Airbus Diversity Award. I extend hearty congratulations to my new friend and colleague Dr. Fadi Aloul from the… Continue reading

UMBC is tackling faculty diversity – An official letter from the Provost. #ThinkBigDiversity

I love working at UMBC where issues of race and diversity are discussed, and where conversations and concerns lead to actions. This morning, UMBC sent a letter to the campus community with an… Continue reading

The Mentor Mirror: A ‘Reverse’ IDP For Mentors [@SREBDocSch/@OMOTempowered] #ThinkBigDiversity

During the Southern Regional Education Board’s (SREB) 2015 Institute For Teaching and Mentoring/Compact for Faculty Diversity, Dr. Christine Grant and I presented  a session entitled, Mentoring Graduate Students of Color, to full room of faculty… Continue reading

Beyond Being Nervous – The discussion in NY @GEMFellowship #GEMGRADLab @CIEStonyBrook

“What do you do if you’re too nervous?” This question was asked on Saturday in response to my charge to build relationships with professors during the GEM GRAD Lab at Stony Brook University… Continue reading

Thank you @GEDCouncil & @Airbus for the honor of being a top 3 finalist for the Diversity Award

It is a profound honor to have been selected as one of three finalists for the Global Engineering Deans Council & Airbus Diversity Award. I have the pleasure of being among two other… Continue reading

Operation “Flood the Gates” for Faculty Diversity: APPLY. #ThinkBigDiversity

One of the issues that we’re tackling within the ivory tower is the need for faculty diversity. Some programs are beginning to make strides with undergraduate college completion among people from underrepresented groups,… Continue reading

STEM research is humanitarian. Discussions in Chicago #ThinkBigDiversity #GEMGRADLab @GEMFellowship @NAE_DC

Today’s talk in Chicago for the GEM GRAD Lab dealt strongly with connecting to research on a humanitarian level. Many students said that they don’t see themselves as researchers, so they consider opting… Continue reading

Engineering PhDs & Diversity in the U.S. –> Disparity by the numbers: 129 out of 3,926 #ThinkBigDiversity

Over the past few months, I’ve been quoting diversity statistics for engineering as reported by the National Science Foundation. Several listeners in the audiences of my talks –  faculty, administrators, and students alike… Continue reading

Tips shared in Iowa @UIowa @GEMFellowship #GEMGRADLab: 8 Tips for Developing Relationships With Faculty

It is a pleasure to be in Iowa today to share about graduate school access, inclusion, and applications. Here are some of the tips that were shared as part of the GEM GRAD… Continue reading

Italy: Global Diversity Discussions and Reflections

Presenting at the World Engineering Education Forum in Florence, Italy brought out several issues regarding engineering perspectives on diversity and social justice. Our discussions on gender diversity in engineering featured women in the… Continue reading

Renetta Tull shortlisted for GEDC Airbus Diversity Award

Originally posted on UMBC Insights Weekly:
Renetta Tull, associate vice provost for graduate student development and postdoctoral affairs, is one of ten impressive candidates shortlisted for this year’s GEDC Airbus Diversity Award. The GEDC Airbus…

Prepping in Paris en route to Italy’s Global Diversity in Engineering & Gender Diversity in Engineering sessions. #ThinkBigDiversity

This week, I have the honor of joining my colleagues to co-lead two sessions on diversity in engineering at the 2015 World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF), share in the presentation of a co-authored… Continue reading

Excited to be among the 10 global candidates on the shortlist for the GEDC Airbus Diversity Award! Thank you for your support!

Thank you to the many students, peers, colleagues and supporters for the work that you have allowed me to do! It is an honor to have been officially named as one of the… Continue reading

Stereotypes & Cultural Competency – Thoughts from the Dominican Republic

Being in the Dominican Republic and learning first-hand about issues in the island of Hispanola: Haiti + República Dominicana , all while keeping up with the aftermath of Sandra Bland’s death, the murder of… Continue reading

Child: “Christian Scientists work in religious labs” and other senryu. A thanks to Dr. Robert Deluty

It’s not everyday that a poet includes you in a book dedication. So when Dr. Robert Deluty, a beloved colleague from UMBC, included me in the dedication for his latest book, A Mingled… Continue reading

Interview w/ Kavita Krishnaswamy, @UMBC Computer Scientist, Ambassador for Disability & STEM

It is my pleasure to be one of the many mentors for Kavita Krishnaswamy, a graduate student in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at UMBC. Kavita’s doctoral advisor is Dr. Tim Oates. (Other… Continue reading

In Colorado: Barriers/Solutions to Engaging Diverse #WomenInSTEM in Global Research – #ThinkBigDiversity #WEPAN2015

Today, I am in Colorado, where I worked with my colleagues from UMBC and PR to present the “Think Big” discussion on engaging diverse women in STEM in international research efforts, as part… Continue reading

The Day After Graduation: From an Exhilarated/Exhausted Mentor/Prof – For Those Who’ve Made It, & Those Who Haven’t (yet).

As a former professor and current administrator, the day after graduation always leaves me feeling the same way – a combination of: excited, reflective, exhausted, pensive, and hopeful. I am excited  for all… Continue reading

New day, new opportunities: Letting resilience win over rejection

“Unfortunately,” “Sorry,” “Not at this time.” This time of year can be tough for those who are getting the thin letters or the short emails that say that they haven’t been accepted to… Continue reading

PROMISE Alumni Professors Give Voice to #BaltimoreUprising: Dr. Karsonya Whitehead, Dr. John Bullock, & Dr. Chris Whitt #Baltimore

Originally posted on PROMISE: Maryland's AGEP:
Our PROMISE family includes alumni who are now professors who have insight and wisdom to share regarding the unrest that we are seeing in Baltimore. We…

A thought about “Protest” behind the lines, and the video on “How to approach your grad advisor/committee if you’ve been MIA”

Earlier in the week, I wrote a post for PROMISE AGEP (“PROMISE Alumni Professors Give Voice to #BaltimoreUprising”), and yesterday, we celebrated graduates who are completing advanced degrees in Maryland. These events remind… Continue reading

Global webcast on #WomenInTech, 4/16. I’ll discuss @UMBC, @NSBE, @SHPE, @AISES, Tapia, & labs like @DrJuanGilbert #Diversity

I have been presented with a unique opportunity to discuss women in tech, and provide information on diversity in STEM. This is  a global webcast. Join us! Thursday, April 16, 10 AM PT,… Continue reading

My 12-Year @UMBC & @PROMISE_AGEP Anniversary is today. I started on April 1, 2003.

It’s humbling to remember that first day on the job at UMBC. I was excited, and ready to start a new program. They gave me an empty office, and a copy of the… Continue reading

Follow-up from the California #NSBE41 GEM GRADLab: Applying to Graduate School, Letters, & the “” reminder about emails

It was a pleasure to talk with students at the National GEM Consortium’s GRAD Lab as part of the Graduate School Conference for the 41st Annual Convention for the National Society of Black Engineers. My talk… Continue reading

“The Jessica Effect: Applying Cultural Knowledge and Competency to Mentoring Approaches for Minority Students” @FIU March 4, 2015

Abstract: “The Jessica Effect” is a conceptual method of student engagement that is being used to mentor underrepresented graduate students at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC: An Honors University in Maryland),… Continue reading

Latest #MomentsToMentor Video for “When Faculty Say ‘X’ …” posted via the PROMISE AGEP YouTube Channel

The #MomentsToMentor series is the response to my students’ requests for me to answer some questions that were not addressed during workshops for graduate students. Generally, when seminars end, students stay and ask the speakers… Continue reading

Delighted to be a “Cover Girl for Women in Data” … Celebrating the mission of broadening participation in tech. Thanks @OReillyMedia!

It is my honor to be among the “Cover Girls” for O’Reilly Media’s 2015 “Women in Data” publication! Here is the description for the book (electronic) that was released today: The gender gap… Continue reading

I do not fail … I just find thousands of ways that don’t work, and am thereby satisfied with the subsequent success (#EdisonInspired)

My name, Renetta, means “reborn” and persistence is a core value that was taught in my household. My parents, fueled by their faith, always taught my brothers and I that there was a… Continue reading

Collaborating with Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico (@TecdeMonterrey, @TecdeMty): Sharing a passion for teaching, technology, & community

Can you share your heart with a college campus? Sure you can. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with administrators, faculty, and staff at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico to learn about… Continue reading

The “Hello World” Project: Lessons Learned Between Dubai and Montana

When I learned how to write my first computer program many years ago, our first task was to write an algorithm that wrote “Hello World.” After traveling to various places around the US,… Continue reading

Good morning from Dubai! A greeting from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and thoughts about the “Women & Children Only” car on the train

Greetings! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my safe arrival. Things are going well here in Dubai where I am participating as a chair for the “Women in Engineering, Partnerships &… Continue reading

Mentoring: Honoring those who’ve paved the way (Dr. Hrabowski), Paving the way for those who are next. #Institute2014 @SREBDocSch #Atlanta

This past weekend, I had a delegation of approximately 25 graduate students and postdocs at the 2014 SREB Compact for Faculty Diversity/Institute for Teaching and Mentoring in Atlanta. I had a session on… Continue reading

Video online from The AtlanticLIVE: A New America: Empowering Hispanic Millennials for Tech Leadership

On September 18, 2014, I had the honor of participating on a panel for The Atlantic LIVE A New America: Empowering Hispanic Millennials for Tech Leadership, Washington, District of Columbia. My comments focused on access… Continue reading

#MomentsToMentor Part I w/ @Renetta_Tull: “When Faculty Say X …” (Drafts & Conferences) YouTube Video

PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP has posted the introduction to the “When Faculty Say X …” seminar at UMBC. This video was initially designed to introduce a seminar, one that I would typically moderate in… Continue reading

Taping for my #MomentsToMentor series starts today; Mentoring video from Purdue is up:

Although my sessions at mentoring sessions at MIT have been taped for the last few years, the plan to have a mentoring series came as a result of a complicated schedule. When I… Continue reading

Bilingual video w/ Dr. @Renetta_Tull from @UMBC discusses the NSF “ADVANCE Hispanic Women in STEM” project


Renetta Tull: Equity in STEM

Originally posted on UMBC Insights Weekly:
Renetta Tull, Associate Vice Provost of Graduate Student Development and Postdoctoral Affairs, is seeking equity in STEM for all. Tull was recently the lead author on an…

Mentoring: A passion to facilitate dreams. Calling a “virtual family reunion” for my mentees

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to have a picture taken with a subset of my awesome team in my (not-so-neat) office and it reminded me of a recent request. I have been… Continue reading

“The Jessica Effect” and Women in STEM (Mujeres en STEM) – En memoria de Jessica

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a chance to lead an international session on Women in STEM and Diversity (Mujeres en STEM y Diversidad) in Ecuador (Agenda – Broadening the STEM Research… Continue reading

Thoughts on leading the NSF US Delegation to Ecuador, July 2014

It was an honor and a privilege to lead the United States delegation to Ecuador for the National Science Foundation’s project on international engagement and broadening participation in engineering. Our group participated in… Continue reading

Reflections: Breakfast @Harvard, White Privilege, Kyla McMullen’s Sexy Black Female Scientists List, & Bringing Women in STEM to the Table

Over the last two weeks I’ve given a talk at MIT, had meetings at Harvard, and I’ve given a presentation and participated in a plenary panel at the International Forum of the American… Continue reading

Puerto Rico ADVANCE Hispanic Women in STEM Meeting (and a March Birthday Celebration)

It has been a great pleasure to be a Co-PI for the ADVANCE Hispanic Women in STEM project in Puerto Rico. Last week, we had a poster presentation at the National Science Foundation’s… Continue reading

Confessions of a tech addict & proof that I’m not soldered to my computer/phone/tab. Incan Ruins of Ingapirca & Hiking in the Andes Mountains. #Ecuador

There have been days (and nights) that I’ve been glued to the computer. Getting hundreds of emails a day, and having an overflowing inbox only adds to the issue. I didn’t think that… Continue reading

Appreciation for Artisans of Ecuador

While I love my line of work and want to get as many people as possible into STEM fields, I have a strong appreciation for the artisans who are masters of their crafts… Continue reading

From PR, to Colombia, to the International Gender Summit, to Cuenca Ecuador

I’ve recently had opportunities to speak in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, and participate in the 2013 International Gender Summit. I’ve been talking about preparation for STEM Careers, and more recently, I’ve  had unique… Continue reading

Ending 2013, on to a great start for 2014! A Message for Grad Students

This year, 2013, was a hard one for many, and so many are happy to see it go. However, 2013 was a great year for others. New babies were born, new dreams were… Continue reading

Conversatorio: Mujeres participando en STEM – Presentation in Cartagena, Colombia, Leading LACCEI’s Women in STEM efforts

I’ve been enjoying my visit to South America, and I thank my colleagues in the Latin and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI) for designating me to be the lead for their Women… Continue reading

Puerto Rico Forum: “Primer foro sobre publicaciones academicas de la Universidad Metropolitana”

This weekend, I enjoyed participating in two events: 1) “Primer foro sobre publicaciones academicas de la Universidad Metropolitana” with faculty (I served on the panel, and listened to outcomes from a PROMISE workshop… Continue reading

Women in STEM Forum – Mexico 2013 + Time with my students, past & present

    Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of co-organizing and co-leading the “Women in STEM” forum for the Latin and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI) in Mexico. This forum was… Continue reading

10 Points for Social Media: From My June 2013 @WEPAN talk #WEPAN13 in ATL (Sponsored by IBP)

This week, I had a chance to join colleagues Dr. Melanie Harrison (NOAA in California), Sara Xayarath Hernandez (Director of Diversity Programs for the College of Engineering at Cornell University, and winner of… Continue reading

Video from the @WPSProject Women in Public Service Project @UMassLowell June 2013: My “Sharing STEM” Opening Remarks

It was my pleasure to give the opening remarks for the “Sharing STEM” session at the Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Thank you to all of… Continue reading

From Student Mentee to Colleague: Breakfast Meeting @MIT with Dr. Frances Carter-Johnson

A few years ago, I wrote a post about the joy of having mentees who can surpass you. The joy continues! On Tuesday, I had a chance to meet with a mentee, Dr. Frances… Continue reading

Speaking at the @USNews @STEMSolutions Conference June 18: Holistic Support Systems for Minority Students

I am honored to be a speaker for the U.S. News STEM Solutions conference in Austin, TX on June 18, 2013. Our panel just had a conference call to prepare for next week,… Continue reading

Excited about being chosen for the Plainfield High School Hall of Fame, Class of 2013!

When you’re in high school, you’re thinking about fun, friends, fun, preparing for the real world, fun, preparing to get a job one day, and oh, did I say fun? In high school,… Continue reading


Originally posted on PROMISE: Maryland's AGEP:
Dear Participants, Alumni, and Friends of PROMISE, Today, I celebrate 10 years as the Director of PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP. For those of you who remember my…

Thanks to Purdue University for inviting me to kick-off the MAP program on mentoring

It was my great pleasure to meet and work with researchers and students at Purdue University as they launched their “Mentoring at Purdue (MAP)” program, sponsored by the USDA. This program, held at… Continue reading

I love CAKE (part 2) y otros postres: *Pistachio* Tres Leches + Quesitos

I *was* kind of, sort of on a good eating plan until I went to Bebo’s on Calle Loiza in Condado (San Juan, PR), and then received a whole box of quesitos +… Continue reading

Mentoring continues for a lifetime! It doesn’t stop after undergrad!

Today is the last day of the semester and I am still meeting with students, going over evaluations, and helping them plan for the next stages of their programs. I love what I… Continue reading

Alaska: Snow, ice, darkness. Hoping to shed light, open doors, plant seeds, & fertilize soil.

Today I am in Alaska where there is a 4 hour time difference between here and the east coast. I was a speaker for the GEM GRADLab at the American Indian Science and… Continue reading

Fall 2012 “Tour” – PR, NY … in FL now, Alaska next week, then Texas

This afternoon I gave a talk on social media at the Sloan Director’s meeting as part of the 2102 SREB Compact for Faculty Diversity/Institute on Teaching and Mentoring in Tampa, Florida. Earlier this… Continue reading

Co-founded ADVANCE Hispanic Women in STEM Network Conference & thoughts on the Double Bind

We’ve just concluded the first ADVANCE Hispanic Women in STEM Networking Conference in Puerto Rico, which brought together women faculty in science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines from across the island. It was… Continue reading

The Success Equation/Una Ecuacíon Para el Éxito – Tull & Tull paper now available

Thank you for the outpouring of support regarding our short paper on the “Success Equation.” This information has been presented at the following venues: MIT MSRP Summer Research Dinner, Boston,  June 2012 UMBC… Continue reading

Busy day at LACCEI, in Panama

Today at LACCEI in Panama, I facilitated part of a session on diversity and partnerships. It was a good session and one that generated passionate discussion about engaging students in professional development activities.… Continue reading

Panama Canal, Casco Viejo … too tired to think in Spanish

I had a WONDERFUL day!  After today’s conference sessions, Miguel and his mom, Sandra, took me to see many sights! We started with lunch at Niko’s cafe where I had arroz (rice), lentejas… Continue reading

Ciudad de Panamá – Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI 2012)

Yesterday I arrived in Panamá, and this afternoon I gave the first of two talks at the 2012 Conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI – Consorcio Latinoamericano y… Continue reading