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I started blogging in December of 2006. I started with a few blogspot blogs and consolidated them for this blog in 2009.  The blog started as a way to share some thoughts with students, and was then used to maintain my connections with family and friends while I work in Puerto Rico (twice a year), and it remains a space for thoughts and sharing. Many of the posts on this blog on mirrored on Facebook and I enjoy reading the comments that are written there and the emails that are shared.  Here is a listing of this posts housed on this blog.







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  1. Dr. Renetta – I read your “white privilege” blog, and I am in total agreement with the article. As a Pre-K to 12 educator, I understand fully that the work begins prior to college. Our charge is to have dedicated and committed educators who have high expectations for ALL students. As a former high school principal, I know that our STEM classrooms are inundated with males. Keep up the good work. You and your colleagues are making a difference. After all, women in STEM have already proven their efficacy.
    Roger L. Plunkett, Ph.D.


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