Mentoring: A passion to facilitate dreams. Calling a “virtual family reunion” for my mentees

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to have a picture taken with a subset of my awesome team in my (not-so-neat) office and it reminded me of a recent request. I have been asked to present a list of my mentees! This is an exciting prospect and an awesome responsibility. I’ve always had a passion for mentoring as it is an opportunity to share what I’ve learned, so that others can move closer toward their dreams. Since I no longer run a lab, I don’t have a set group of mentees that is similar to that of an active professor. Therefore, I decided to see if there might be a way to bring everyone together online. This helps me, but I also want all of you to know each other and have each other as a resource. I’d like to think of this as a “virtual family reunion” of mentees. If I have helped to mentor you in some way, please share as a comment to this post: a) Your name, academic discipline, and where our mentoring relationship began (e.g., NSBE, SHPE, HU, NU, UMBC, PROMISE, MIT MSRP, your school), b) what you are doing now, and c) your current website, if applicable. Further, if you are interested in sharing your next steps … your future dreams, please share them! Perhaps together, we can connect to facilitate your next milestones! Thank you for allowing me to be in your lives. It has been my honor to work with you!

Staff meeting in my office with a subset of our group, September 2014.

Today’s “after-the-meeting” staff meeting (part 2)  in my office with a subset of our group. I’m very blessed to be working with some extremely talented people!