Artscapes and Shapes: My latest drawing

I draw/paint/color to relax, but I rarely take the time to do it. The fact that this is the second “full” drawing in a 30 day span says something about my usual schedule. Prior to this medical leave, I hadn’t painted since 2001. This one was fun.  Maybe because I did it just for me and I had fun creating it. Maybe because my Mom saw me drawing it and acted like it was a Masterpiece. But then my Mom is a mother who put all of our “art” on the refrigerator door with magnets.  She said that I should frame it, and maybe I will. Not because it’s Picaso-esque like my Aunt thinks it is (and she hasn’t even seen it, she just heard it described by my Mom!), but because it was soothing to create.

A colleague suggested that I frame the last drawing and put it in my office to remind me to take some time out.  This one took days and was created in a special place, so it will remind me that among the chaos, there is an opportunity to find peace and order if you take your time and be deliberate.

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  1. I your use of color in this one. Thank you for reminding me that no matter how hectic life gets there is still time to relax.


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