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This homemade meal of spicy baked chicken and veggies was prepared one Sunday afternoon while my husband was shoveling snow during the great snow storms of January 2010. I’m a great fan of using carrots, celery, and onions with chicken — the “Mirepoix” … I learned this term while watching Emeril on TV a few years ago. I made biscuits too, but they didn’t make the photo.

I went to The Spirit Realm Project’s “Zero to Website in 3 Hours” on Saturday morning to support and help the team with their first technology workshop, and decided to set up a website as part of the seminar. The Spirit Realm Project (SRP) is a Non-Profit in partnership with The Mount Pleasant Community Development Center; my husband leads the team of wonderfully talented, enthusiastic techie and artistic volunteers.  I wanted to create something that I would use … as a reference for myself, so I thought about things that I love and my goals in life. I love food! Point blank.  One of my goals is to remain healthy. So I wanted to combine these topics.  But I am not a fan of diets, and I don’t like exercise even though I taught aerobics for a short while during grad school and experienced being the “go-to” girl a couple of times in step class in the 90’s (that’s when the instructor tells you to put your step in the front so that people can watch you for the moves when she goes around to help others with their form and steps.) Being the “go-to” girl was “the thing” then … I really felt like I’d accomplished something. Back then, I even considered auditioning for a video that one of my step instructors was putting out. We were in the Chicago area, so step videos coming out of big cities was hot then. I haven’t been in a gym in ages.  Fast forward to 2009-2010. More recently,  I’ve gotten away with trying to keep in shape by mall-walking with friends, keeping busy at work, and walking for miles on the beach during the times when I’m living and working in Puerto Rico.

But now? Today? Like, right now?  Hmmm. Exercise? Well,  I’m just getting back to walking again, so I’m taking things slowly and the doctors say that I should be able to be fully back to normal by July, so I may consider something more rigorous than mall-walking for exercise.  I need some motivation … and I’m open to suggestions. In the meanwhile, I’m concentrating on food and how to stay healthy without feeling miserable. So, based on my participation in Saturday’s “Zero to Website” seminar,  here is my new website:  This website is short and sweet, simple with limited information and is used to help me with my quest to stay healthy. I’ll update as I find more information to add. Enjoy, and let me know (via comment here, Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.)  if you recommend information to add.

Update: June 28, 2012 — the website address is

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