Ending 2013, on to a great start for 2014! A Message for Grad Students


Top to Bottom (Snapshots of me with): 1) Graduate students and faculty from UMBC and College Park at the 20th Annual SREB Conference on Teaching and Mentoring; 2) My former GA (Dr. Cortes-Rodriguez, Biology) who celebrated her new doctorate at the Dec. 2013 UMBC Commencement; 3) Grad students and my colleague and former mentee, Dr. Pollack, at a UMBC post commencement lunch Dec. 2013

This year, 2013, was a hard one for many, and so many are happy to see it go. However, 2013 was a great year for others. New babies were born, new dreams were realized, new relationships were forged, and new opportunities became available.

In my world at the university, 2013 included celebrations for those who finished their semesters strong, and those who finished their master’s and doctoral degrees! I was part of the team that recruited some of the students from undergrad, and am proud that I’ve been able to support them as they worked through their degree programs. Now we have a new group who has finished the PhD. Years of hard work, lack of sleep, new discoveries, disappointments, and finally … the final grades are in, the dissertation has been defended, and they can be called “Dr.!”

Some graduate students are continuing their quests, and we wish them the best. You have now seen examples of people who have done it. They have finished, and your turn is coming. Congratulations to all who reached their planned milestones for 2013! Good luck to all who are reassessing and persevering! You have so much to be proud of.  Best wishes to all who are pressing on to reach new goals and continue pursuits in 2014. Keep moving forward.  Embrace the PROMISE. Happy New Year! Enjoy the year to come!

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