From PR, to Colombia, to the International Gender Summit, to Cuenca Ecuador

20140107_114041I’ve recently had opportunities to speak in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, and participate in the 2013 International Gender Summit. I’ve been talking about preparation for STEM Careers, and more recently, I’ve  had unique opportunities to discuss life/work balance for women in STEM. Adhering to my own advice about life/work balance, today, I am in Cuenca, Ecuador. I’m enjoying my time here and am taking time to mix rest with my current project.  

Last week, I had a chance to have some conversations about women in Higher Ed in Ecuador, and to date, I’ve learned more about women in STEM, the education system, and Ecuadorian life in general. Being 90% vegetarian in Cuenca has actually worked out well because my hosts have provided me with a wealth of soups, salads, and juices that could be part of any vegetarian or vegan restaurant. I recently discovered the Nectar Tienda on Calle Benigno Malo, near Calle Gran Colombia, and I’m looking forward to tasting their chocolate-avocado muffins next week!  

Over the next few weeks, I plan to post some photos. Today, we’ll start with the room where I do my work, the top floor dome “Cupula” of the CEDEI school. Other photos are of the city of Cuenca. 

20140107_11405020140107_123135 20140107_123141 20140107_123156 20140107_123211 20140107_123217 20140108_160658 20140108_160709

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