Conversatorio: Mujeres participando en STEM – Presentation in Cartagena, Colombia, Leading LACCEI’s Women in STEM efforts

I’ve been enjoying my visit to South America, and I thank my colleagues in the Latin and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI) for designating me to be the lead for their Women in STEM initiative, which will cover Central and South America. It is a great honor! I enjoyed our session on Women in STEM here in Cartagena, Colombia during the World Engineering Education Forum, and received great feedback on the presentation.  The Vice Minister of Higher Education of Colombia, Patricia Martínez Barrios, mentioned our session in her opening plenary, and told the participants that we were breaking ground in Colombia because our session would be the first conversation in Colombia about women in STEM, particularly engineering.


We gave a summary of the “Mujeres en STEM” session in Mexico, and discussed suggestions for next steps for advancement.

Acknowledgements: Maria Larrondo Petrie/Zenaida Otero Gephardt/Ivan Esparragoza (LACCEI), Marta Beltran (Organization of American States), Carlos Padin, Beatriz Zayas/Molly Hardigree (Universidad Metropolitana – NSF ADVANCE Hispanic Women in STEM project), Autumn Reed (UMBC ADVANCE), Delia Vallas-Rosales (New Mexico State University), and Claudia Patricia Mendienta Cardona (Universidad de Buenaventura – Cali, Colombia).  The Quality of Life Technology Center (QoLT) has exciting research that engages women and girls. Visit the QoLT to learn more about their projects in robotics that assist people with disabilities. 

I also extend congratulations to one of my students, Hector Medina, on his poster presentation earlier this evening. The abstract of the poster can be found here:

Medina, H., Tull, R. G., Pearlman, J. L., Goldberg, M. L., (2013). QoLT Engineering Education Outreach Facilitates Systems Analysis Study for Wheelchair Use in Mexico.  9th Annual Global Student Development Forum, Cartagena, Colombia. (Poster)  Extended Abstract.


The poster had updates from the paper that was presented in Mexico in August. The paper can be found here:


Tull, R. G., Medina, H., Pearlman, J., & Goldberg, M. R. (2013). An Emerging Impact from an Engineering Education Outreach Collaborative “Bridge” Program: Graduate Student Participation in Wheelchair Mobility Research for Mexico.  #RP207, Proceedings of the Eleventh LACCEI Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology (LACCEI’2013) “Innovation in Engineering, Technology and Education for Competitiveness and Prosperity,” August 14 – 16, 2013, Cancun, Mexico.

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