Summer Project, Part 1: Updating Websites –New Facebook Page for PROMISE

The time has come to update both my personal websites and websites that I’ve developed for Grad Student activities. First up — Facebook. We’ve transitioned from a “group” to a “page.” Join us … “Like” us! Next, we’ll have updated website information for Success Seminars, PROF-it (Professors-in-Training), and a more active PROMISE_AGEP Twitter site.

On the personal side, I’ll plan to update this site fairly regularly,  I will also update my “Diet Without Deprivation” site(s), and at some point (I don’t know when), I’ll update and re-introduce one of my favorite personal sites, based on “My House” where the concept behind my Wisconsin house went virtual.

For now, as time permits, I’ll stick with the work-related sites. Stay tuned for updates!

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