Health & Wellness

Saying “No” to a husband’s gifts of food

I’m on a path to better health, and I recently said something very uncharacteristic to my husband: “Do not buy me any sweets or snacks. If I want them, I’ll buy them myself.” That sounds a bit harsh, but the other day, after he very sweetly bought me two of my favorite Dunkin’ Donuts (because I ALWAYS eat two … never just one, it’s a combination thing), I realized that I would sabotage my healthy eating regimen if I ate them. But … those doughnuts were a loving gift! He was thinking of me, and even bought my “combination” doughnuts — vanilla creme and a cruller. I have a whole Garrison family doughnut story, but that will be saved for another time. The point is that I made a decision to make that statement. And I had to feel ready enough to not feel guilty about doing it.  He said ok, so I don’t think that his feelings were hurt.  You can ask him when you see him.  (But I have to admit that I did eat 1/2 of each doughnut!)

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