Peaceful Places: Longwood Gardens plus Faunbrook Bed and Breakfast

The East Conservatory Complex at Longwood (Property of

Lately I’ve been thinking about some of the places that I’ve enjoyed visiting. Longwood Gardens (in PA, 13 miles from Wilmington, DE, 30 miles from Philly) is one of those places.  I was at a conference for the Northeastern Association of Grad Schools sponsored by the University of Delaware and the banquet was held at Longwood.  These gardens were stunningly spectacular. So much so that I’m longing to go again just to see the beauty of the flowers.

Breakfast Table at Faunbrook (Property of

As I’m contemplating my trip, I found that Longwood is near another peaceful place … a Bed and Breakfast Mansion called Faunbrook. I stayed at Faunbrook twice and even took my mother there when I was invited to give some workshops at nearby Westchester University.  Faunbrook  was my first Bed and Breakfast experience.  I’m used to big hotels, but this mansion with just a few rooms made working away from home feel fun and relaxing! It was different to come down to breakfast with a group of strangers around a large banquet table (like those in the movies) and enjoy breakfast conversation over fresh squeezed juice, eggs, and homemade streusel coffee cake (absolutely delicious). In addition, the innkeeper was very friendly and took time to give me a full tour and discuss the business.  I’d like to have a Bed and Breakfast of my own one day. It’s one of my little (big) dreams.  I love large houses and large spaces that can entertain and provide relaxation. I appreciated my times at Faunbrook.

Since Faunbrook is a Bed and Breakfast, you would have to find your own dinner, but my hosts from Westchester introduced me to Simon Pearce, the nearby restaurant and that includes a factory that makes handblown glass and pottery (and yes, they have a fabulous store on site!) The food is delicious and the restaurant uses all of Simon Pearce’s handmade dinnerware.  I enjoyed it so much with my host that I took my Mom there one year. It ranks among my list of “peaceful places” because the dining room at this Brandywine location allows you to look out onto streams, grass, and ducks. The food is expensive, but it is very good. I recommend that you eat (very) slowly, enjoy the tastes, and the conversation.

These memories make me smile. Longwood, Faunbrook, and Simon Pearce. I hope to go back someday.