Working with the Summer Dissertation House at UMBC this week

This week, I’ve been working with Dr. Wendy Carter (“Head Coach”) as a co-leader for UMBC‘s annual Summer Dissertation House. This event brings together advanced graduate students who have applied for a space in a 4-day workshop on writing the dissertation and preparing for the defense.  I blog for the Dissertation House and you can read some of the posts for this week:

The Summer Dissertation House at College will begin on the campus of the University of Maryland College Park in two weeks.

I am co-founder of the Dissertation House, along with Drs. Wendy Carter and Janet Rutledge.  The Dissertation House has been acknowledged in:

  • Glenn, D. (2010, March 31) “Help to the Finish Line: Ways to Reduce the Numbers of Ph.D. Dropouts”, The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  • Sowell, R. S., Bell, N. E., & Kirby, S. N. (2010). Ph.D. Completion and Attrition: Policies and Practices to Promote Student Success, Washington, DC: Council of Graduate Schools.
  • Chubin, D.E., DePass, A. L., & Blockus, L. (2010). Understanding Interventions the Broaden Participation in Research Careers: Volume III. Embracing a Breadth of Purpose. Washington, D.C.:  “Dissertation House: Graduate Innovation in Ph.D. Completion and Retention” pp. 69-71.

The Dissertation House is sponsored and supported by PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP (a program of the National Science Foundation), The UMBC Graduate School, The Council of Graduate Schools, The University of Maryland College Park, and the University of Maryland – The Founding Campus (formerly known as the University of Maryland Baltimore.)

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