I love inspirational music and I learned about these artists while I was in Puerto Rico.  For Christian music in Spanish, my favorites are Marcela Gandara and Luis Pedraza.  I also like Marcos Witt.  Israel Houghton had a CD in Spanish (Nueva Generación) in 2001 which was the Spanish complement to “New Season. ”

Yo conozco de uno que camino en este mundo
Y que antes que Lenon hablo de la paz
Yo conozco de alguien que gano antes que Gandhi
Sin armas mi libertad

Yo predico de este que sin pastillas a lo Elvis
Pues mi rey sabe andar sobre el mar
Yo conozco de ese que sin estudios en Harvard
Sabe como ensenar

Yo tomare su mano
Porque siendo tan grande El me ha amado
El me ha amado
Tu me has amado

Yo creo en ti Hacedor del universo
Yo creo en ti en tu saber eterno
Yo creo en ti Dios todopoderoso
Yo creo en ti de tu amor me asombro

En mi riqueza o en mi pobreza
Aunque el mundo no crea
Yo si creo en ti

Tu llegaste a mi lado cuando todos se habian marchado
Y en tu nombre logre libertad
Supe que a el le debia dedicar mi vida
Y que signigiva felicidad

Yo tomare tu mano
Porque siendo tan grande
Tu me has amado
El me ha amdo
Me has amado


Dame tus ojos quiero ver
dame tus palabras quiero hablar
dame tu parecer...

dame tus pies yo quiero ir
dame tus deceos para centir
dame tu parecer...

dame lo que necesito
para ser como tu

dame tu voz dame tu aliento
toma mi tiempo es para ti
dame el camino que devo seguir
dame tus sueños tus anhelos
tus pensamientos
tu centir
dame tu vida para vivir.

dejame ver lo q tu vez
dame de tu gracia, tu poder
dame tu corazon...

dejame ver en tu interior
para ser cambiado
por tu amor
dame tu corazon

dame lo q necesito
para ser como tu...

dame tu voz dame tu aliento
toma mi tiempo es para ti
dame el camino q debo seguir
dame tus sueños
tua anhelos tus pensamintos
tu centir
dame tu vida para vivir

dame tus ojos quiero ver...
dame tu parecer...




Música (Otra)

January 25, 2010 - Location, San Juan, Puerto Rico I am posting two videos because I hear these songs everywhere here! On TV, in the grocery store ... The first one is by Luis Fonsi, he was in Menudo for a minute, but the song means "Don't surrender" I was looking at this one day and noticed one of the buildings. I used to live in that apartment complex that you see in the video! It is in the Hato Rey area of Puerto Rico. Here are the words in English and Spanish.   There are many sites with translations, but this one seemed to be correct and seemed to come from a decent site: http://www.allthelyrics.com/forum/spanish-lyrics-translation/47008-help-translate-to-english.html The next video is by Juanes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juanes The song is " A Dios le Pido" (I ask of God) Words, translation: http://www.allthelyrics.com/forum/spanish-lyrics-translation/25552-lyrics-translated-to-english-juanes-a-dios-le-pido.html There are several videos for this and people are always making their own versions for songs that they like, but  I like the one above the best. So that's just to let you know what is being played.  PR also plays alot of reggaeton, but I'm not into that ... I listen to the inspirational station, 96.9 FM.   And since we're talking about videos, I also have a video by one of my favorite Christian artists, Marcela Gandara, on my other webpage. https://renettatull.wordpress.com/mis-canciones-favoritas/.   I really like her song, "Dame Tus Ojos" which is a song that asks God to give her His eyes.  I've been given a couple of her CDs as gifts from friends here, plus I have her songs on my ipod.