Prepping in Paris en route to Italy’s Global Diversity in Engineering & Gender Diversity in Engineering sessions. #ThinkBigDiversity

This week, I have the honor of joining my colleagues to co-lead two sessions on diversity in engineering at the 2015 World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF), share in the presentation of a co-authored paper on global diversity in engineering, and chair a session on cultural diversity. Given the busy week that we had with the very successful GEM GRAD Lab at UMBC (250+ participants from NY to VA), I’m grateful that my colleague agreed to let me prep for the talk/lecture and discussion after I left the U.S. Hence, this afternoon in Paris (post coffee, quiche, and croissant), I am adding sections to our presentations. [Photo on left by my colleague Autumn Reed who will give a presentation on implicit bias. She referred to this as my “work-a-thon.”]

Paris prep

If you will be at the WEEF in Italy, my sections are as follows:

WEEF Italy

Monday: Session Chair: Cultural diversity in education (focus on engineering)

Monday afternoon chair

Monday: Co-authored paper – Global Diversity in Engineering Education: An Exploratory Analysis, with David Delaine (Brazil), Darryl Williams, (Boston), and Rovani Sigamony (Paris)

Monday Global Diversity paper session

Tuesday: Gender Diversity in STEM, co-leading panel with Jennifer Deboer (Indiana)

Tuesday session

Tuesday: Global Diversity in Engineering, co-leading discussion with David DeLaine (Brazil) and Darryl Williams (Boston). Autumn Reed (Baltimore) will discuss implicit bias in this session. 

Tuesday global diversity

Full Programme Book.

I’m looking forward to these important conversations on diversity in engineering, which have implications for diversity in STEM as a whole. I also look forward to connecting with my fellow top 10 candidates on the shortlist for the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) Airbus Diversity Award at the reception on Tuesday, and during the various media shoots. I will discuss the PROMISE AGEP, Jessica Soto Perez’ influence, and other items related to the GEDC Airbus nomination on Wednesday.

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  1. My small group sister just told me yesterday, “The only regret I had from Italy was not buying more bags.” Haha. I believe she was also in Florence. Whatever you do, come back with no regrets (even if it’s not necessarily with more bags). So happy for you (and Autumn). Have a great time!

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    • Thank you Alexis! It’s funny. I’m separating dollars from euros right now. I don’t know about the bags, but in an effort toward the “no regrets mission,” I’m putting the finishing touches on this presentation and calling it a night. We’re six hours ahead, so it’s late. Conversation #1 starts tomorrow!


  2. Your many relatives and friends applaud you for the professionalism and enthusiasm surely you will provide as you co-lead sessions on diversity in engineering, present co-authored paper on global diversity in engineering, and chair your session on cultural diversity at the 2015 World Engineering Education Forum! WOW!!!

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