Latest #MomentsToMentor Video for “When Faculty Say ‘X’ …” posted via the PROMISE AGEP YouTube Channel

The #MomentsToMentor series is the response to my students’ requests for me to answer some questions that were not addressed during workshops for graduate students. Generally, when seminars end, students stay and ask the speakers additional questions. When the speakers leave, the students ask me other things that are on their minds. Last semester, I was unable to attend one of the workshops, and students asked if I could join them via video. The next week, they asked if I could provide some additional answers to questions that were posted online, but not answered during the seminar. I was happy to comply. Videos such as the one below are based on the “When Faculty Say ‘X’ … Understanding Faculty Expectations, Unwritten Rules” annual workshop series where students have a chance to ask questions of faculty either anonymously (posted online), or in person during the dinner workshop. The videos will be posted over the next few months.

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