Delighted to be a “Cover Girl for Women in Data” … Celebrating the mission of broadening participation in tech. Thanks @OReillyMedia!

It is my honor to be among the “Cover Girls” for O’Reilly Media’s 2015 “Women in Data” publication! Here is the description for the book (electronic) that was released today:

The gender gap in tech is shrinking. Women are still an underrepresented minority in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), but women in data and technology are no longer outliers or anomalies. For this book, author and data warrior Cornelia Lévy-Bencheton interviewed 15 women in data to learn how they achieved their current level of success, what motivated them to get there, and their views about opportunities for women.

From the interview

My section starts on page 24. Here is an excerpt of one of my quotes from the book:
“Women can be more involved with computing fields, and certainly, opportunities for ubiquitous computing limit restrictions for engagement. However, women need to know that they are invited to the table; they need to see images that show that they are not excluded and they need regular and continuous access to computing environments early, within the K–12 years …”
I hope that my “image” can help in this regard. The book is free, and you can order an electronic copy here:

Other articles that refer to the publication

Here are some of the online articles that were posted about the book today:

There are tweets as well. Thank you O’Reilly Media for pushing this issue to the forefront, and for giving us a chance to “represent” an area that we love. Thank you to Cornelia Levy-Bencheton and Shannon Cutt for making this happen. Thank you to Diane DiResta for nominating me. Congratulations to my fellow “Cover Girls!”

Cover Women in Data-COMP1

I dedicate this post to my dad, the late George C. Garrison, who introduced me to math, taught me to love the variable “x” … the unknown, introduced me to engineering, and told me that girls could do anything!

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