Thanks to Purdue University for inviting me to kick-off the MAP program on mentoring

Purdue_MAPIt was my great pleasure to meet and work with researchers and students at Purdue University as they launched their “Mentoring at Purdue (MAP)” program, sponsored by the USDA. This program, held at the end of January,  was sponsored by the College of Agriculture, and the Principal Investigators, shown in the photo, are agriculture professors Dr. Levon Esters (far right), and Dr. Neil Knobloch (center). Many thanks to these colleagues, along with Dr. Shawn Donkin (Associate Director of Agricultural Research) and graduate student Krystin Bodden.


PurdueTalkI discussed the programs that we’ve established through PROMISE in the morning, and led a mentoring session for graduate students in the afternoon. The talk was publicized on Purdue’s websites:;,-brown-bag-discussion-to-focus-on-mentoring.html. It was an honor to have been invited to share our promising practices with Purdue. I look forward to continuing collaborations with my new colleagues.