I love CAKE (part 2) y otros postres: *Pistachio* Tres Leches + Quesitos

Pistacio Tres Leches_useI *was* kind of, sort of on a good eating plan until I went to Bebo’s on Calle Loiza in Condado (San Juan, PR), and then received a whole box of quesitos + pan de agua from Facciola (mi panadería favorita!!) as a wonderful welcome gift.  I love cake and cake-like products (see:  I was at Bebo’s when I was introduced to the new dessert that I couldn’t resist: *Pistachio* Tres Leches! I’ve had Tres Leches cake before, and it has been good, and although I enjoy it, I haven’t really craved it. But when I saw that green goodness, I couldn’t say “no.” To say that it was good was an understatement … it was delicious! Nevermind that these days I’m supposed to be having  green drinks with kale, or green smoothies with spinach. Nobody warned me about the green cake! Sigh! As if that wasn’t bad (or good, depending on how you view it) enough, one of my dear colleagues welcomed me to the office at UMET with a BOX of quesitos! Not one or two … a whole box, plus a loaf of freshly baked pan de agua. Hmmm … quesitos (my favorite pastry) and fresh bread … I had no choice but to eat them. Not alone, but with cafe con leche. So between yesterday and today, I’ve had several quesitos (I’m too embarrassed to say how many,) but let’s just say that I shared a few and ate the rest. Should I be surprised that I have a tiny headache, and that I probably won’t want dinner? Should I be surprised that I’m energetic, but too energetic to actually ‘work,’ so I’m blogging instead? No, I’m not surprised. I even used some backwards logic and went to a zumba class this morning to “offset” the effects, knowing full well that I was going to have a coffee hour with quesitos (yes, plural) this afternoon. Sigh. At least the box is gone. More backwards logic. “Just enjoy them today, and don’t leave any leftovers, that way you can eat healthy foods going forward.” That was my theme.  We’ll see how long that lasts. I need a green spinach/kale/basil (something healthy!) drink … stat!

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