Panama Canal, Casco Viejo … too tired to think in Spanish

I had a WONDERFUL day!  After today’s conference sessions, Miguel and his mom, Sandra, took me to see many sights! We started with lunch at Niko’s cafe where I had arroz (rice), lentejas (lentils), ensalada repollo (cabbage salad — cole slaw), and arroz con leche (a rice-based pudding) for dessert. We went to the Panama Canal, then we visited and walked around Casco Viejo (the antique, historic part of Panama), then we went to see the “bling-bling” (million $$ towers/condos/real estate) areas.

Sandra speaks to me in Spanish and we had a lot of fun! I had been holding my own on the communications front, but by the end of the day, I really needed Miguel to help to translate. The joke was that my head started spinning from all of the azucar (sugar) and “bling-bling.”   We had great fun talking about all of the “blinged-out” dogs that had special “hair cuts” and coiffed tails (no offense to dog-lovers, but it was worth the conversation.) I’m tired now and have another talk on a panel tomorrow, but for now, here are some of the photos from the day.

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