Work Hard, Play Hard … My Staff and I in Puerto Rico

This past weekend, my Graduate Assistants and I were in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the Ana G. Mendez University System Research Symposium.  I’ve been to Puerto Rico before since I regularly work with faculty, staff, and students from the universities on the island. However, this was the first visit for my GA staff members, Natasha Ramoutar and Miguel Nino. They work hard on campus for UMBC,  and they worked hard and had long hours in Puerto Rico. They started their Saturday with set-up at 7:30 AM and the awards banquet ended around 9 PM … that’s a 13+ hour day! But with working hard comes taking some time to smell the roses, or in their case, time to go to the beach.  Here are some of the photos.


Although I put a lot on their plates, I didn’t force them to pull out the Blackberries on the beach! There was also time on the campus of Universidad Metropolitana (UMET) with Molly Hardigree Cancel and in the lab of Dr. Beatriz Zayas.  Natasha and Miguel did a GREAT job recruiting for UMBC and representing PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP.  I’m very proud of them!


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  1. Awesome – I love the pictures. Everyone did a great job with the UM PROMISE events this summer, so keep up the good work! I’m jealous of the beach pics, of course. 🙂


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