New Mexico Green Chiles, Basler Cookies, & Swiss Chocolate

This past weekend at the PROMISE Summer Success Institute, two of our guest speakers presented me with gifts. Dr. Ernesto Muñoz brought me green chiles from New Mexico, and Terra Trax facilitator Craig Imler brought me Giandor chocolate and swiss gingerbread-styled cookies (I think that they are Basler Leckerli/Läckerli or Basel cookies … there are many different spellings!)  from his recent trip to Switzerland.  Eating cookies and chocolate are self explanatory, but I needed a little bit of help with the chiles. Therefore, I consulted the internet! I don’t really “do” hot/spicy foods, but I really wanted to taste these, so I sought advice online. I learned that they are very perishable, so you have to cook them quickly. I didn’t want to waste them, so I decided that tonight would be the night. As per the directions, I roasted them (ok, I broiled them), let them “sweat”, peeled them, and prepared to eat. I didn’t have a meal in mind; I must have just decided to eat peppers. I tried one … and of course, it was hot! (What did I expect?) So I sought a way to save my meal of peppers by finding something to cool it down. I took out the tortilla chips, and thought that I could make some kind hot/cool dip with the sour cream. But alas, the sour cream had a date of 8/24/11, so that wasn’t going to work. Back to the refrigerator, I found some cream cheese. Date: 12/10/11 … ok good to go! Now what? I proceeded to spread cream cheese on the tortilla chips and top them with the roasted green chiles. It was good! As I was doing it, I thought of all of the people at home who make up strange but delicious food concoctions. Yes, tortilla chips, cream cheese, and roasted green chiles. It works! Now that I’ve had my fill of that, I’ve moved on to the very addictive Basel cookies. No instructions needed.

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