Life/Work Balance

I’m not addicted to my computer(s), really!

My husband is funny. I was supposed to be resting this past week, but there was one day when I needed to get something done, so I “borrowed” my husband’s computer (my laptop is toast). At the end of that day (night), I was satisfied that I’d gotten some work done because it was bothering me that although I was off from work, there were things left undone. (I needed to get a website launched, and that was important!) He was not happy (apparently) and told me in no uncertain terms that I’d spent way too much time on the computer. Then, he locked me out of his computer! I was laughing, but shocked. That’s what I get for marrying a computer guy. I guess it *was* crazy to have a laptop, a Tab, a Blackberry, and a Droid surrounding me while I was supposed to be sleeping. But I was productive! (And that’s an exhilarating feeling!)  I’m not addicted, really. Admittedly, he was right because I was totally out of it for the next 24 hours. I have strict instructions to rest until I return to work on August 8. I’m working on it.

I found out that my husband’s lockout was temporary and that it was only configured to last for a few days! Whoo-hoo!  So I at least got a chance to visit my church’s Facebook page this morning, and I wonder if there is anything else that I can do before my husband catches me and reminds me that I’m supposed to be in bed. Now … I just have to find those chargers for the Tab, the Blackberry, and the Droid … they were right here yesterday, really.

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