Spring/Summer 2011 Speaking Schedule

With the SnackBot robot at Carnegie Mellon during a meeting for the NSF Quality of Life Center (QoLT)

I sincerely thank all of my students and colleagues for their support over the years.  Many have been asking for my speaking and events schedule for the next few months.  Here are the dates that I have on my calendar.

March 2011: I enjoyed speaking at the National Convention for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) in St. Louis as a member of the GEM GradLab team. I also enjoyed speaking to the PCI students on Saturday morning.

It was also my pleasure to participate in the NSF site visit for the Carnegie Mellon/University of Pittsburgh’s Quality of Life Center (QoLT) in Pittsburgh on April 12.

April 14, 22 2011: Howard University, EE Day and Tau Beta Pi Initiation

May 2-4, 2011: COSEE (Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence) – Panel with DiOnetta Jones (MIT) and Sara Hernandez (Cornell), Rhode Island.

May 6, 2011: Universal Design Symposium sponsored by the QoLT Center, Intrepid Center, Naval Research Lab

May 26-28, 2011: AAAS Conference on Understanding Interventions that Broaden Participation in Research Careers  (tentative), Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

June 6-8, 2011: National Science Foundation HRD Joint Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

June 9-10, 2011: MIT, Boston (Topic: Optimizing Your Research Opportunities)

June, 2011: Summer Horizons (Topic: Graduate School Admissions, The GRE, and Funding)

June 21-23, 2011: WEPAN (Women in Engineering Proactive Network), Seattle, WA

June/June 2011: Planned participation in the Dissertation House sessions for UMB, UMBC, and UMCP

August 19-20, 2011: PROMISE Summer Success Institute (SSI)

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  1. Hi Renetta,

    Quite impressive list of speaking engagements.
    I am proud of you.
    May God continue to bless and favor you.

    Cousin Glo


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