Troubled economy? Excited to say that my campus is hiring!

My business is higher education and with so many reports out about people not being able to find jobs, imagine the joy that I feel in being able to announce that my campus is hiring both faculty and postdocs! You see, I spend days and nights training undergrads to be graduate students, and training graduate students for success in their doctoral programs so that they can be ready to transition to careers.  It is especially exciting to know that my own campus is hiring.  So here is a message to other colleagues in HigherEd … tell your students that we’re hiring. I love working at UMBC because it is a place where the people really try. They make efforts to show that they care, they try to fulfill their promises, and most importantly, people have a chance to fulfill their dreams.

Listing of faculty positions:,%20Baltimore%20County

New Minority Postdoctoral Fellows Program:

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