Skinny jeans & getting healthier DURING the holidays? A personal goal.

I have another blog dedicated to health (, and I realized that I hadn’t posted there since July! This is a sad state of affairs, because so many pieces of advice note that being cognizant of your diet and exercise (via journal or otherwise) can help with maintaining healthy habits.  So I started again with a list of 10 rules for maintaining health over the holidays. There were two catalysts for this post: 1) I was thrilled to be wearing my “skinny jeans” over the Thanksgiving holiday, and 2) I totally abandoned all of my healthy habits over a 5 day period. Yes … it was even in my twitter feed and was part of my Facebook comments.  I had macaroni and cheese for breakfast, had coconut cake, and sweet potato desserts, and all kinds of other goodies. And on top of that, I barely moved except from car to house and table to table, so exercise was totally thrown out of the window. And then came Monday. If you’ve read my “pancakes” post, you see what happened. But perhaps the kicker was the reading on the scale.  Could I have really gained 5 pounds between the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Monday after? Hmmm. Did taking off those heavy (but cute!) necklaces make a difference? Not really. So … I reviewed my actions and behaviors and came up with the list of 10 rules.  I write this post as a testament to my desire for accountability. So, feel free to help me out over the next few months. One of my co-workers is great at this … if there is a gathering, she just says very directly, “No, you can’t have any.” I actually appreciate this! If anyone wants to join in, let me know. I’ll probably give some general thoughts on the Diet without Deprivation site, but tell the back stories here.

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