Thanksgiving Monday After “Remedy” … Pancakes?

I’ve found the cure for Monday after Thanksgiving eating. Pancakes! Yes, in my own weird world of eating, I’ve found pancakes to be my “cure.” This morning, I opened the fridge with thoughts of raiding and and ridding our family of the remaining leftovers.  Afterall, we had three sets of family dinners, and people cooked on different days, so we had a mound of treats left for picking and tasting. But, I really wanted one of my favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner/anytime meals … pancakes.  And although I picked through appetizers, heated some blueberry corn bread, and pondered helpings of sweet potatoes and greens, I still wanted pancakes.

So what was the cure? Make some! Yes, despite the tons of food remaining in the refrigerator, I started to cook. And I used the “organic” excuse. My brown eggs were organic, as was my milk and butter, and the flour was organic, and so was the salt, sugar, and baking powder.  And syrup? Maple syrup … pure grade B.  And did it work? YES! After making pancakes and eating straight from the kitchen without even sitting down, I am now cured from the Thanksgiving weekend leftovers.  No more food … not even a slice of that cranberry apple pie that I haven’t even had yet. Nope! Just a bottle of Smartwater, and maybe a salad later on.


Sample from more than 100 Thanksgiving 2010 family photos of the in-laws, brothers, and kids. This set has me w/ Husband’s aunt, sister-in-law, brother, and nephew.


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