Back in Puerto Rico: A dinner meeting and a live lobster

Yes, I am back in Puerto Rico, and it is HOT down here! Tomorrow, I will be chairing a “Graduate School Orientation” which is a session on admissions procedures and programs for research preparation.  But tonight, I had the wonderful opportunity to have dinner meeting with colleagues from Universidad Metropolitana to discuss new and continuing projects and to eat!  We went to Morton’s Steakhouse and had a wonderful meal! You’ll notice below that there are pictures of a lobster. At Morton’s, they bring the food to your table before they cook it and describe it to you before giving you the “menu.”  Even though one of my colleagues was a vegetarian,  we were all fine with staring at the mounds of raw meat.  But to our surprise, the lobster began to move during the demonstration. Yes, you guessed it, it was alive!  Here are my photos of the day.

Colleagues from Universidad Metropolitana

Waiter explains the meat

The Lobster

It moved! It was alive and staring at me.

I ordered the salmon and tasted the chilean sea bass. Seafood, yes! Lobster, no thank you!