After 5 on Friday, Continuing on Saturday, Working for the Students!

It was after 5 on Friday, yesterday, when a colleague and I were still talking about the successes from her summer research program, and the things that we would need to do to support new and continuing students for Fall 2010. It was after 5:30 on Friday, yesterday, when our Graduate Assistant for PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP came into my office to remind me to give her information that she would need to welcome new students. It was after 6 on Friday, when my husband joked, “Are you ready to come home now?” It’s now Saturday morning, and I’ve already had text messages, Facebook messages, and tweets from students. And you know what? I might be tired, but I love this job!

If you’re in town next weekend, come out and join us next Friday and Saturday at the 2010 PROMISE Summer Success Institute. We “tweet” using  use @PROMISE_AGEP, #PROMISE2010, and (the short URL for the PROMISE SSI Website).  If you can only come to Friday’s “Secrets of the Faculty Interview”, visit for more details. We’ll also post updates on our PROMISE Facebook page.

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