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In a twitter conversation with someone from the Anita Borg Institute (I tweet @Renetta_Tull and @PROMISE_AGEP), there were jokes about our numbers of websites, blogs, twitter sites, and facebook sites. We discovered that we must be true technocrats because we maintained several sites for work and then had our own personal sites. We were way past 10! So as I assessed the different sites that I manage, I think that I’ll either need to hire a webmaster or consolidate sites. I’ll still use this one as my main “Master” site to branch to personal blogs and announce updates to work sites (e.g. NEW sites coming for Dissertation House, Success Seminars, PROF-it, etc.)  since I’m moving somethings off of Blackboard and into a more public arena.  In the meanwhile, my personal  “Diet Without Deprivation” blog (the dynamic site, compared to the static “” site) continues to provide short snippets of thoughts related to one of my favorite subjects: food!  I think about food often, so when I say “food for thought” I’m being quite literal.  Enjoy my little distractions.