Let Her Eat Cake!

I love cake. That’s all there is to it. I recently had some cake baked or provided by family and ladies from my church … pound cake, German chocolate, and “birthday/wedding” styled cake, you know … the one with lots of icing. It made me think of calories, but I also thought about a story that I had posted on one of  my  private blogs a few years ago, it made me laugh as I was writing it, so I decided to post it here. Here is the entry, a blast from my 2007 past!


Modified & re-posted from one of my “Renetta & Friends”-esque  retired blogs – July 2, 2007

You’ve heard that saying before right? Well it is attributed to Marie Antoinette, but she really didn’t say it. According to one of the websites, “Let them eat cake” is loosely translated from the French Qu’ils mangent de la brioche, which basically means “let them eat a type of egg-based bread” this is not quite cake, but still a bit extravagant according to “ask Yahoo.” The story is that a princess heard that the peasants didn’t have any bread, so she said “Let them eat cake.” So why am I using this phrase today? It is because I had 3 pieces of cake yesterday! Yes, 3 … and this is my true confession of reckless abandon when it came to having cake!

So, here’s the story:

Piece #1:

We have dinner after church on first Sunday and they usually have the same thing, so I had the usual: a piece of chicken, some rice, some stringbeans, and the requisite piece of cake-at-the-church-dinner ( I skipped the bread & butter though!!) If I had gone to the Chinese restaurant with my friend, I could have had a piece of that apple pie thing (what is that anyway, a turnover?) and then I wouldn’t have started this cake obsession.

Piece #2:

I’d finished my meal and my husband was working with some people at church. So he’s working and I’m looking for something to do. Aha … I spotted a friend across the room!  Well, her husband had gone to their truck, and she was sitting with her children and her mother. I was talking to her about cakes since she works with her mother’s small cake business. I learned that her Mom, is known throughout the church for her cakes. Well, they happened to have a sample on the table of one of her Mom’s coconut cakes and they offered it to me! Did I say no? Of course not! I didn’t even think that I liked coconut cake, but it was delicious!! Piece #2. Again, if I had gone to the Chinese restaurant with my other friend, apple thingy would have had a chance.

Piece #3:

After communion, we rushed out the door to get to a wedding. Now our communion service ended around 8 something (pm) … the wedding started at 6 p.m. We rushed and got to the reception around 9. The photographer saw us coming in the door and gave us a funny look and said “Well, I’ve taken pictures of everybody else, but ya’ll are kinda late, I guess I’ll take your picture too.” The bride & groom knew that we were going to be late, so I didn’t worry about it. Well, it turns out that they hadn’t served dinner yet, just the appetizers. So we were in time to eat again! My husband had jerk chicken, rice, and stringbeans, and I had salmon. Then came the cake!!! I love wedding cake! Almost as much as I like carrot cake! Went to my first wedding when I was about 7 and have been hooked since! This wedding had two types … layered torte …. chocolate black forest type, and a yellow custard. My husband had the chocolate (I tasted his, it was sooo good) and I had the yellow. The custard in the layers (6!) was laced with something … rum I think, but it was rich so I ate the cake around the 6 custard filling layers and ate all of the icing (which was just too good!) There was extra cake on the table, but thankfully my husband stopped me before I went further.

So this morning, I went for a walk at the track, and then I remembered those pieces of cake and did some bleacher steps … then I thought that I was done and remembered piece number three and did another lap plus some more bleacher steps. Today I had an apple, a smoothie (apple, pineapple, blueberries, H20 in the blender), an oatmeal nut cookie, and will have chicken and salad for dinner. Tomorrow I’m on my way north. I’ll have lunch with one of my childhood friends at a place that doesn’t have cake, BUT … then in the evening, I’ll go to nieces’  birthday party and you know what that means …… CCCCCAAAAAKKKKKEEEEEE!


End of the 2007 re-posted entry. We’ll see what happens with cake this 2010 May Memorial Day weekend … afterall it’s a holiday, and family is slated to be in the picture big-time, so I suspect that cake will make several appearances too.

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