Yesterday I walked down 3 steps … by myself!

I was thrilled! My husband kept his eye on me, but I held onto the railing and stepped down and went down those three steps! It was a wonderful feeling! I haven’t been down steps on my own since the day of my surgery, April 1. In fact, yesterday was a milestone.   I went down steps, I could pick something up off of the floor, and I could get out of a chair on my own. I even went outside … by myself … and went for a short walk. Now granted, I was extremely tired this morning, but I am thankful to be healing.  I am thankful for the prayers! From my childhood church family in Plainfield, NJ (Calvary Baptist), to my grandparent’s legacy congregation in Philly(90th Street Mount Hermon Baptist), to my own church in Baltimore (Mount Pleasant Church & Ministries), I’m thankful for the *many, many* group and individual prayers from family and friends alike. I’m also thankful for the thoughts, concerns, and prayers of colleagues, students, friends from elementary school through grad school, and acquaintances.  God answers. I’m walking!

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