Strongly dislike Facebook’s new forced settings (Info, Profile)

This afternoon I logged into Facebook and was asked to check some boxes about information that I wanted to share — interests, books, movies. Most of these were taken from my original information page and put into categories. I unchecked most of the boxes, figuring that they would categorize those topics that I’d specified but that my information page would remain in tact. Not so! My information page was completely changed, none of my original information was there (i.e., books, interests, general thoughts), and apparently it can’t be retrieved. I’ve been doing things online for most of my life, but this is unsettling. I may put lots of information online, but I expect it to be there when I take the time to post it, and I expect to maintain some level of control.  This new change leaves me frustrated. I’d taken time to update my information page, set up my groups, and enter other data and to see it all gone is disheartening to say the least. So for now, I’m not updating anything else on Facebook.  It seems that I can’t re-create what I had, and it will take time that I don’t want to spend to update it properly.