Family Reunion – Summer Holiday

In my family, FamilyReunion is one word. It is a summer holiday unto itself. We have a weekend filled with parents, aunts/uncles, brothers/sisters, and tons and tons of cousins! We also have regional committees. I have so many memories. Here are a few, will you join in?

* Philly cousins and Virginia cousins dancing a joint routine at the Saturday banquet.

* Aunt Ruth dancing during our music through the decades segment even though dementia had set in.

* Men vs Boys basketball – starring Uncle Wali and Uncle Bob.

* Cousin Anise and family history moments

* Barbara singing on Sunday morning

* Taking all of the kids to see Meteor Man at the old theater in Staunton, VA

* Holiday Inn (the old kind with the outside doors, like a motel) and Hardee’s in Staunton

* Those little golf carts in GA

* The “after-reunion” Philly cookout the next Saturday at Aunt Joyce’s and running across the street to Aunt Lennie’s to get extra food (deviled eggs) from her kitchen

* Aunts maintaining such beauty and uncles who are still as cool as ever

* New generations who love FamilyReunion as much as we did when we were kids.

* Tannyhill street and those concrete steps!

* Friday night fish frys at someone’s house (Cousins Bernice & Joe? Cousins Jimmy & Patsye?)

These are just a scant few of mine. What are your memories?

A “shout out” to families, and especially mine: All of the RBPK aka “Robinsons” descended from Rev. Matt.

Family Website: (Cousin Clint has uploaded a slide show!). 2010 Reunion, July 1-4!

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  1. I love the list of memories. I remember:

    The Saturday outings in the park in Staunton.

    Eating crabs in a cousin’s room and feeling guilty that the room would be smelling for a good while.

    Arriving at the hotel in Arlington and shortly thereafter, trying to absorb the reality of Uncle Roscoe’s death. He made it to the reunion and went to be with the family in heaven.

    I remember the bus trip we adults took to AC and Cousin George had to re-negotiate our bus contract on the spot.

    I remember gathering in the park in Arlinton to take a complete family photo.

    Oh, there is so much to remember.


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