Family Reunion – Summer Holiday

In my family, FamilyReunion is one word. It is a summer holiday unto itself. We have a weekend filled with parents, aunts/uncles, brothers/sisters, and tons and tons of cousins! We also have regional committees. I have so many memories. Here are a few, will you join in?

* Philly cousins and Virginia cousins dancing a joint routine at the Saturday banquet.

* Aunt Ruth dancing during our music through the decades segment even though dementia had set in.

* Men vs Boys basketball – starring Uncle Wali and Uncle Bob.

* Cousin Anise and family history moments

* Barbara singing on Sunday morning

* Taking all of the kids to see Meteor Man at the old theater in Staunton, VA

* Holiday Inn (the old kind with the outside doors, like a motel) and Hardee’s in Staunton

* Those little golf carts in GA

* The “after-reunion” Philly cookout the next Saturday at Aunt Joyce’s and running across the street to Aunt Lennie’s to get extra food (deviled eggs) from her kitchen

* Aunts maintaining such beauty and uncles who are still as cool as ever

* New generations who love FamilyReunion as much as we did when we were kids.

* Tannyhill street and those concrete steps!

* Friday night fish frys at someone’s house (Cousins Bernice & Joe? Cousins Jimmy & Patsye?)

These are just a scant few of mine. What are your memories?

A “shout out” to families, and especially mine: All of the RBPK aka “Robinsons” descended from Rev. Matt.

Family Website: (Cousin Clint has uploaded a slide show!). 2010 Reunion, July 1-4!

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