A mother’s love backs up the truck

My Mom … she is a sweetheart.  She knew that I would need a few things from the store, and she crossed three state lines and brought me food. Not just *some* groceries … she “literally” *backed up the truck* and unloaded bags (and bags, and bags, and boxes, and baskets, and more bags) of snacks, along with cooked food like chicken, mac & cheese, greens, salad, fruit, beverages, and lots of other household goods. This is just a snapshot of “some” of the food … she even bought me organic granola bars! Awww … it’s sweet when my Mom goes into Mommy mode even though I’m an adult. And anyone who knows my Mom knows that she has boundless energy … I bet that you can imagine this scene.  Bless her heart — so full of love.   I love and appreciate my Mom. 🙂