A mother’s love backs up the truck

My Mom … she is a sweetheart.  She knew that I would need a few things from the store, and she crossed three state lines and brought me food. Not just *some* groceries … she “literally” *backed up the truck* and unloaded bags (and bags, and bags, and boxes, and baskets, and more bags) of snacks, along with cooked food like chicken, mac & cheese, greens, salad, fruit, beverages, and lots of other household goods. This is just a snapshot of “some” of the food … she even bought me organic granola bars! Awww … it’s sweet when my Mom goes into Mommy mode even though I’m an adult. And anyone who knows my Mom knows that she has boundless energy … I bet that you can imagine this scene.  Bless her heart — so full of love.   I love and appreciate my Mom. 🙂

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  1. Hey..I know this woman in whom you speak. In fact, we share the same middle and last name. She pushed us out the front as children and now backs the truck up as adults, just because. Renetta, indeed, she’s the best!



  2. We know this woman who backed up the truck! One would expect nothing less from my Sister Cousin. She is truly an Angel on this earth. Renetta, here’s wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope you will be “on time” for the reunion. Blessings and love, Cuz Glo


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