Going on leave until June 1; intermittent online activity

I will be on leave for a while.  My last day at work was on March 12 and I will return on June 1. Thank you for the well wishes and cards and especially the prayers!!!!  I may update twitter or Facebook  from time to time, but I expect that it will be intermittent.

All activities for  PROMISE and the UMBC Graduate Student Development unit will handled by our other team members with help from temporary GAs.  I will miss some proposal and doctoral defenses, oral and poster presentations, exam results, graduations, and many of this season’s celebrations, but I extend my congratulations to all of you!!!! I’m very proud of you and your accomplishments!   Please keep me in the loop and let me know how things are going.  You’re welcome to leave messages here, on this wordpress blog, since I expect to be able to access this from my phone.  Thank you again for caring so much!