Thank you for the wonderful birthday messages, songs, prayers, & thoughts!

Tuesday was my birthday and it was WONDERFUL! I really enjoyed my day. I was at work, but was so blessed to receive flowers from current students (thanks BDs!!!!), flowers from a former student (Thanks Shawnisha!) — they’re in my office!, songs (thanks Mom – who lovingly and joyfully sings “Happy Birthday” in medleys and many melodies throughout the month, Dad T, Aunt Clarice, Aunt Barbara), shout-outs, songs, and messages in English & Spanish from my family in VA (love you Woodbridge G’s!), texts and messages of love from my NJ fam (Thanks E’wood fam!), cards from colleagues, e-cards with songs, many well-wishes on Facebook, calls, texts, hugs, and all-around well-wishes. It was a GREAT day! Thank you for the love!!! And yes, D treated me to a delicious birthday dinner — candles, roses — very nice!  There was even a lady at the restaurant who asked if it was my birthday and on-the-spot sang a jazz rendition of “Happy Birthday” … it was great! You know that I love taking photos of different foods. So here are some pictures of cajun-fried oysters, full crab cake, buffalo shrimp & 3-cheese grits, salad, and chocolate cake.  It was great and thank you ALL for whatever part you played in making it such a fantastic day! Kisses and hugs!