Week 2, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jan 2010

Hello everyone,

This was a busy week, and I have lots of photos! So, I’m going to keep the dialog to a minimum, and just describe the pictures.

Here are some photos of my neighborhood.

Avenida Ashford, Part of my neighborhood

I went to the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras on Friday, here are some photos of their beautiful campus:

At the tower - Administration Building, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras

Sciences and Technology Building on UPR's campus

Women in STEM meeting at UMET

On Wednesday, we had a “Women In STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), meeting with faculty from Universidad Metropolitana (UMET) and the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras.  I organized the meeting with guest speaker Dr. Paula Rayman of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Paula’s project  deals with inter-generational women in STEM fields. Prior to coming to meet with the faculty, she visited the University of the Virgin Islands. Her project is called “Project Working WISE: Intergenerational Voices on Women in Science and Engineering,”

The UMET Office of External Affairs sponsored the “merienda” or refreshments.  The food was so good, and they had my favorite dessert … carrot cake!

On Friday, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Dr. Ingrid Montes, Professor of Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus.  These are her graduate students; they are studying organic chemistry. I met Dr. Montes upon an introduction from my sister-in-law who worked with Dr. Montes through national initiatives of the American Chemical Society.

With Dr. Ingrid Montes' organic chemistry grad students at the UPR Rio Piedras

Students at the UPR

These students were hanging out in the corridor of one of the buildings at the UPR. The campus is really beautiful!

With Dr. Ingrid Montes and family

On Friday night, Dr. Ingrid Montes,, and her husband, Dr. Jose A. Prieto (Tony), and beautiful daughter Mariana Lopez Cepero-Montes.  This is my sister-in-law’s “PR Family” and they lovingly hosted me! We went to Metropol in Isla Verde. I had the smoked chicken with a mix of black beans and rice.  Mariana and Ingrid had halibut and it filled the whole plate! Ingrid let me taste hers, and I’m going to get that next time! Halibut with fresh lime juice. Delicious! Here is the restaurant’s website,, click on “dishes” on the toolbar and you’ll see nice color photos of the food.  Mariana took me to her church on Sunday, Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico.

The tide was high on Jan. 25

It was back to the beach on Monday morning. The tide was high and the waves came surprisingly close!

Semi-Natural Hair Day 1

For those who saw my post on Facebook, you know that on Saturday, I washed my hair and then just went to the beach. That’s right, I left the house with wet hair — no blowdryer, no curling iron.  When I returned home a few hours later, it looked like the photo above.  My husband asked me to take a picture, so here is one of those awkward pictures in the mirror.  Some friends on FB are giving me good tips in case I want to keep it this way, but that is not to be. Tonight, I’m bringing out the heat … blowing it straight and curling it, with the curling iron.  So my “semi-natural” hair will be gone by tomorrow morning, but thank you to everyone who told me that they liked it! I’ll bring it back again one day.

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  1. Ok Renetta, rub it on real good. The work pix I don’t mind. It’s those beach and food pix (especially last Sept) that get to me. A sunrise or sunset at the beach would really be over the top. I know you’re having fun when you don’t mind showing off your semi-natural look:-) Enjoy. We miss you!!!


    • Hi J! Awww, I wasn’t trying to rub it in, I was just “sharing!” Lol! I haven’t gotten around to sunrise and sunset beach time yet, but it’s on my list! 🙂 I miss you all too! I’ll look forward to getting back to a good walking schedule! Thanks for writing!!!


  2. Hey there sister. Not quite sure if i am doing this right….. But it is great to hear From you n View the Photo. I so would love to be there. And yes, love the natural look on you! When is your work there completed?


    • Hi Mimi!!! Yes, you’re doing it perfectly! Thank you very much! All is well. I will be here until mid-February. I hope that you all are well there. Stay warm and well! Love to all of you!


  3. Hello Auntie Renetta! I am glad to see that all is well with you. Jaren sends his love and awaits your safe return. He says he wants a big hug and kiss when you get back!!

    Love ya!!


    • Hi Ticia!!!! Thank you for your note!!! Un beso y un abrazo to Jaren!!!! Oh my, he’s probably grown so much even since I’ve been gone. Love and hugs to all of you!


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