Sunshine, Floods, Flip-flops, & Beaches

Here are some photos from the first week.  Amidst needing to drive through floods to get home, and having 5 blackouts, it has been a productive week here in San Juan.  The photo with the flip-flops represents the time that I went out to walk to the store, after one of the big storms, and I was slipping and sliding all over the place.  It turned out that the flip-flops that I had on (right), had been so well worn that they didn’t have any grip left, the surface area of the sole was totally flat.  My other flip-flops (center) were at home and I was too far away to go back. So, I stopped into a store and bought another pair (left) and put them on as soon as I paid the cashier.  When I sent back outside, I was surprised at how dry my feet were … even though it was starting to drizzle. Not only that, but they were so comfortable.  I felt as if I had stumbled upon some magic flip-flops!

This photo shows the beach … the calm after the storm.  I’ve resolved to go for a walk each day.  So on this day, even though it had rained, and I wanted to stay indoors, I went out … and have proof!

This photo was taken on a Wednesday night, near the end of my informal seminar on graduate school.  This was taken in Universidad Metropolitana’s School of Environmental Affairs.  The phote below shows one of the walls of the hallway.

The next photos show the beach, La Ventana al Mar.  One shows the calm version, on an early morning.  The other shows the same beach, near the same spot,  outside of its morning serene state … but rather full of people.  I don’t know why I thought that I would have it all to myself when I went this morning … ok, it was nearly afternoon.  Note to self … tomorrow, get up earlier!

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  1. Dr. R. Tull,
    You are truly a special person. Thank you for sharing your trip with me on this blog. God’s creation in nature is phenominal…from beaches to snow (blizzard).

    Much love,
    MPCM Intercessor Tanya


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