Estoy aqui … en San Juan … en Enero

As you now know, I am working in Puerto Rico again.  Today was a long day! Lots of planning with my collaborators for a big meeting that we have with a funding agency later in the month.  But I was so proud of myself because I actually went out to the beach this morning … before work! Yes, really! This is a picture of my elongated shadow on the sands of the beach. I had a cargo bag over my hip with a hoodie hanging over the side.  I was wearing capris, so this shadow really makes me look tall!   I’m so glad that I went.  I told one of my hosts that I couldn’t let the morning moments on the beach pass me by.  If I wanted to stay in bed, I could have stayed home, in the snow and the cold! Solution …. go to bed early … get up early … go to the beach.  Today I was told, “You have permission to live a life.” I like that … and I’m going back to the beach tomorrow.