Don’t try, just do it!

These words, “Don’t try, just do it,” were spoken by my pastor (Bishop Clifford M. Johnson, Jr., during his morning sermon yesterday.  It was the first Sunday of the new year and while this was not the title of the message, it was part of overall theme.  He has talked about this before, I particularly remember hearing him telling us that we need to stop trying, and instead TRAIN.  I like this!

As a Star Wars fan, I’ve often used the Yoda version of this comment with my students: “Do or do not … there is no try.” Sometimes I forget to utilize the message when it comes to my own pursuits.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? But there are times when we’re run down and tired and frustrated, we forget that some of these things that have been on our lists for so long really are doable.  Yes, we should have plans, realistic plans.  We need realistic plans that have a little bit of space in the timeline for adapting to unexpected changes and snafus, but not too much space, otherwise we’d run the risk of derailment.  If I say that I’m going to do a certain thing everyday (like exercise!), now I won’t beat myself up if it’s not done on that day, but I will make sure that there is a good deadline in place (with a 2-3 day window perhaps?)

So today, as I embark on the projects for a new year, I’ve decided that I am not going to try to be healthy, or try to be balanced, or try to read more books, or try to learn something new, or try to be committed … I’m just going to do it!   How about you?

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